Trump travel ban sows chaos at airports, outrage at protests

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  • forward thinker Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb. 1, 2017 11:02 a.m.

    The headline should read Trump Haters sow chaos at airports.

    Those haters just keep moving the party from location to location, using any little thing to decide where.

    Thank you for keeping us safe, President Trump!

  • fight4liberty Herriman, UT
    Jan. 31, 2017 12:28 p.m.

    Who cares about banning terrorists from coming into our country, we have our own home grown liberal progressives who manufacturer lies, propagate fear, changes the use of english language to create chaos, who is more rascist than those of the past, who has tools better than the lynch mobs of the past called the internet anti-social media, a more influentual gang ....of media outlets and deep pocket globalists and entertainers to fund them, and to speak for them !

    They are just spreading their so called love for people? If this is love, then they have definitely swapped the definition with hate.

    Add imported terriorist to this movement....and oh what a wonderful world, such a peaceful world by their standards. Any proof to prove they are a peaceful movement is welcomed because none is visable at present.

  • at long last. . . Kirksville , MO
    Jan. 31, 2017 11:45 a.m.

    It seems rather obvious that the protesters were the problem causing the delays. Not Trump's order per se. I thing the ESPN reporter got it right when she said she and others had to walk two miles to board flights because of the protesters. Now she is getting a lot of flak and being urged to 'recant' her statement. Leftists and the MSM ascribe the wrong cause to the delays.

  • jsf Centerville, UT
    Jan. 31, 2017 10:08 a.m.

    gus the comment was made that all were American born. Get the difference. They were not all American born. Which is evidence the comment was wrong absolutely.

  • UtahBlueDevil Lehi Ut & Durham, NC
    Jan. 31, 2017 7:34 a.m.

    my_two_cents_worth - university place, WA - I am sure that Patriot also believes that all the Tea-Party protest were funded by the Koch Brothers... right? That they were not spontaneous exhibits of a public's frustration over policy they didn't agree with.... there is no way that is a possibility. They had to be paid.

  • Mad Hatter Provo, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 9:39 p.m.

    Is Donald Trump's executive order on immigration a Muslim ban? This is not a concern to Trump supporters because they want a Muslim ban and a Muslim database. They don't care how it is phrased because they want action like Trump promised regardless of the legality of the action.

    However, the debate rages and many argue since the ban doesn't include all countries with a Muslim majority population, it isn't a Muslim ban.

    Nonetheless, Rudy Giuliani mentioned in a Fox News interview that Trump said that he wanted a Muslim ban but prepared in such a way that it could be sold to the public as not a Muslim ban but a national security issue. Also, Trump want to exclude Christians and members of other religious minorities which then makes the executive order giving preference to one religious group over another. In other words, a specific religious ban which is a violation of the Constitution favoring one religion over another.

    It took a while because of the rush to get the ban in place, we see people with full rights to come to the United States because they hold green cards detained in violation of their rights because they have a green card.

  • my_two_cents_worth university place, WA
    Jan. 30, 2017 9:23 p.m.


    "The chaos is from from left wing protesters with George Soros help...Since the majority of these folks are being paid by George Soros..."

    The good news about "alternate facts" is it gives those who lack the ability or the desire to make an honest and reasoned argument a "participation" award.

  • Gus Talwynd Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 7:23 p.m.

    jsf - Centerville, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 1:13 p.m.

    "So many absolute lies. One of the San Bernardino shooters was born and raised over seas. She entered the country as the wife of the other shooter. The younger of the two brothers, that is to say Dzhokhar, was born in Kyrgyzstan. The older was born in the southern Russian republic of Kalmykia. "

    So, what's your point. If you are going to say that country of origin is indicative of becoming a threat, the Tsarnaev brothers arrived in the United States in 2002 when the oldest was 15 and the youngest was 8. The younger brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, became a U.S. citizen in 2012. Both brother were essentially "raised" in the U.S. The Boston bombings took place in 2013, 11 years after they came to this country.

    Rizwan Farook was born in Chicago and was a citizen by birth, his wife, Tashfeen Malik, was born in Pakistan and became a permanent U.S. resident. She arrived in the U.S. in 2014 and married Farook the same year. She entered the U.S. on a K-1 visa with the intention of getting married.

    Sure, some were born elsewhere, but did not come as terrorists. None came as refugees.

  • Cheshire Cat Bronx, NY
    Jan. 30, 2017 6:47 p.m.

    Red - Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 12:08 p.m.

    "I don't think the chaos at the airport was caused by trumps ban."

    Do you think it was due to a luggage mix-up at the arrival carousel? If you read the signs people are carrying, they tell you why they are there protesting. Who do you think is coming into the United States by air? They're certainly not protesting Trump's Wall on our southern border. And where are the people arriving from the targeted Muslim countries being detained? At the local Starbucks?

    Muslims carrying green cards which are supposed to give them the same rights as American citizens. Students on valid visas. Relatives of Muslim-American citizens. Muslim refugees who have gone through an extensive vetting process for the past 2 years. These are the people being detained illegally according to the acting U.S. Attorney General. So give it a break.

    Do you know that the odds of being killed by a Muslim entering this country on a visa is 1 in about 3.5 million? The odds of being killed by a Muslim refugee is approximate 1 in 3.6 billion. You have a greater chance of being harmed by a shark even though you live in Utah.

  • Mad Hatter Provo, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 6:32 p.m.

    Facts are friendly - Sandy, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 12:07 p.m.

    "How safe would this planet be, how much more stable would this nation be, how few refugees there would be....if Islam was not such a categorical failure. Islam is too big to fix itself. Good people are trapped in it's social failure."

    You ought to look to Mormon history when you make such pronouncements about a religious group, particularly one of the greatest religions in the world today. Why do you think Mormons were run out of every state they settled in until the arrived in the Great Basin, and then that wasn't far enough for them to run because the U.S. military was sent to quell this upstart religion.

    So, tell us how Islam is a categorical failure and too big to fix itself? Do you know any Muslims, first of all? Are you familiar with all of the separate groups which make up Islam? Do you know the difference between Sunni and Shi'ite?

    "Trapped in it's social failure"? What does that mean? It's a religion, not a social movement. I think you need to get to know some Muslims before making such claims. Perhaps talk with your church leaders and see what they say on the issue.

  • Queen of Hearts Phoenix, AZ
    Jan. 30, 2017 6:21 p.m.

    patriot - Cedar Hills, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 12:58 p.m.

    "Let me correct something right off the bat -- President Trump didn't create any chaos at any airport anywhere! The chaos is from from left wing protesters with George Soros help of coarse. "

    If you're going to correct something, then get it right. How do you know it's "left wing protesters with George Soros? Did you get that from Fox News or InfoWars? Obviously you haven't been following the issue. And why do you think these are only "left wing" people? Because you don't agree with their methods?

    Donald Trump's Muslim ban has stirred up a lot of people from all over the political spectrum EXCEPT the wingnut Alt-Right crowd who cheer him on. They want a Muslim ban and they want a database of Muslims who reside in this country including those who are citizens. Let's get that clear as one of your "correct somethings".

    Trump imposed a ban on Muslims, initially targeting seven countries that have nothing to do with attacks on the United States. It is his insidious way to get the crowds in a froth. Now he has instituted a ban, and people don't like it.

  • HSTucker Holladay, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 5:01 p.m.

    Note the absence of the word "Delta" in this article. Despite that a technical glitch caused hundreds of Delta flights to be cancelled over the weekend, the authors have determined that it was the Trump travel ban that caused chaos.

    I wonder when we will see a correction.

  • water rocket Magna, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 4:47 p.m.

    Trump has a lot to learn about governing. This isn't the same as some business deal. What he does as president affects the entire world.

    As far as the illegal immigrant thing with South American countries, I can understand wanting to keep criminals and drug traffickers out of this country, but the vast majority of these people just want a better life for themselves and their families, and should not be treated as criminals. What we have is what dreams are made of in their native countries.

    The ban on Muslims is outrageous and naive. We have to remember that these people are force fed propaganda against the west (America especially), but they also have access to the internet and other sources that show them how we live a much higher living standard. We need to show them we are not their enemies. This ban does just the opposite.

  • jsf Centerville, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 1:20 p.m.

    So please tell me again -- why were women and children from , Iraq banned by the leftist President Obama?

    Could it be they were trying to escape the vile regime? Please protestors justify his ban? Please try and then realize the arguments support Trumps 90 day temporary ban.

  • jsf Centerville, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 1:13 p.m.

    "San Bernardino shooters, and Boston bombers were ALL born and raised n the U.S. of A.!"

    So many absolute lies. One of the San Bernardino shooters was born and raised over seas. She entered the country as the wife of the other shooter. The younger of the two brothers, that is to say Dzhokhar, was born in Kyrgyzstan. The older was born in the southern Russian republic of Kalmykia.

    What a foreign born women terrorist? Why do liberals want to lie. Now we have anti-Trump protestors physically attacking people that support Trump. We have Hollywood liberals calling for violent attacks against those that voted for Trump. Notice the similarities of those supporting the attacks, calling for the attacks, and making the attacks. Reminiscent of the Brown shirt thugs of a fascist dictator.

    The immigration protests are not about Muslims, as it only applies to about 13 percent of Muslims. The protests are organized by groups that want to destroy the duly elected government they oppose.

  • patriot Cedar Hills, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 12:58 p.m.

    Let me correct something right off the bat -- President Trump didn't create any chaos at any airport anywhere! The chaos is from from left wing protesters with George Soros help of coarse. I came to work today and didn't hear a peep from anyone about all this media generated hysteria. Working people actually have jobs to go to but apparently the "professional protest crowd" need some help finding a real job (protesting isn't a real job). Perhaps a web site titled "Jobs For Protesters" would serve us all well. Since the majority of these folks are being paid by George Soros they probably wouldn't take a job if it were offered anyway. Just a thought....

  • Red Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 12:08 p.m.

    I don't think the chaos at the airport was caused by trumps ban.

    It seems like it was caused by a bunch of people who want to cause problems rather than try to understand the issues and help solve the problems we face.

    They instead are becoming part of the problem that the rest of us need to solve.

    Let's secure our borders and have a better plan on how to to help people immigrate here and then let's help all the haters find a way to help our economy so we can help even more people around the world.

    Get on the Trump bus!

  • Facts are friendly Sandy, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 12:07 p.m.

    How safe would this planet be, how much more stable would this nation be, how few refugees there would be....if Islam was not such a categorical failure. Islam is too big to fix itself. Good people are trapped in it's social failure.


  • 83Ute Ogden/Weber, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 11:57 a.m.

    @Freedom Seeker (6:01 am):

    "Why the outrage? Can't you remember all the home grown terrorists who have gone abroad, become radicalized and returned to commit terrible acts of terror? Well, I certainly can."

    If we are concerned about Americans that go abroad and then return to commit terror, how does this EO help that concern? If we are trying to eliminate these terrorists, shouldn't the EO prohibit re-entry of Americans that have gone abroad? How does banning entry of people from 7 countries that have killed a grand total of 0 Americans on American soil over the past 40 years help the cause of eliminating terrorism?

  • Queen of Hearts Phoenix, AZ
    Jan. 30, 2017 11:49 a.m.

    worf - McAllen, TX
    Jan. 30, 2017 11:38 a.m.

    "There is no appreciation for our country.
    "Just a bunch of demands of entitlements."


    When you don't have the facts, divert the conversation.

    Do we assume that this "no appreciation" is by allowing the United States to become more diverse (less white) by allowing people to come here from ?

  • worf McAllen, TX
    Jan. 30, 2017 11:38 a.m.

    There is no appreciation for our country.

    Just a bunch of demands of entitlements.

  • Open Minded Mormon Everett, 00
    Jan. 30, 2017 10:55 a.m.

    The trouble is -- NONE of the terrorists in America were foreign or refugees!

    Orlando Florida and San Bernardino shooters, and Boston bombers were ALL born and raised n the U.S. of A.!
    The 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia!

    So please tell me again -- why are women and children from Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, and Somalia being banned?

    A ban is a ban is ban.
    Donald Trump is wrong! - and those supporting him, and emboldening share are just as wrong and share the blame for this!

  • Utefan60 Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 10:51 a.m.

    The damage done by this is spreading world wide. Trump is causing the world to retaliate against these ill thought out policies. His actions hurt businesses, students, and families caught up in this boondoggle.

    Shows how little thought Trump has before he does something universally called out as bad.

    Thanks to the LDS Church for coming out on the side of people. Others are calling Trump out on this including McCain and others of his own party. The Pope has called Trump out on this.

    No amount of Kellyanne Conway spin will change this rotten directive. Thousands are protesting this act of treason against American values. Get angry America before this rotten apple ruins what we have worked so hard to have.

    Several members of our University of Utah community of students has been affected by this "ban". Students are unable to come back into the country on their student and green card visa's This is disgusting and despicable. And it is being reported by honorable media as an outrage. The GOP is not behind him on this, but their spin is happening with each evolving second.

    But he will take the light off this debaucle with his Supreme Court nomination.

  • UtahBlueDevil Lehi Ut & Durham, NC
    Jan. 30, 2017 9:46 a.m.

    @mohokat - problem with your post is that no one, not a single person involved in 9/11 came from any of the countries targeted. The one country where most of the 9/11 terrorist were from, a country that Trump has business dealings with, not on the list.

    This paranoid fear frenzy the "right" is on is something to behold.

  • Baron Scarpia Logan, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 8:45 a.m.

    Meanwhile, in her Instagram post, Ivanka in a $5K dress and her husband have been dancing the night away while their country's air ports are in chaos... Ah, to be rich and in power. "Let them eat cake!" was what Marie Antionette's supposedly said in similar circumstances...

  • Tekakaromatagi Dammam, Saudi Arabia
    Jan. 30, 2017 8:21 a.m.

    A couple of years ago during some of Obamacare's dark moments a Democratic staffer in the Senate: "We are so losing the anecdote war." The tables are turned now.

    The White House should have thought about this. I can understand restricting visas. But suddenly announcing that people who have a visa can't come then that leaves a lot of people in limbo. Some one from Iraq who was a US translator and who had received death threats got a visa, sold his business, took his children out of school and got stuck in Doha, Qatar because this was announced.

    Trump is giving the Dems ammunition, just like they gave him a lot of ammunition with Hillary, Pelosi, etc. etc.

  • mohokat Ogden, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 8:04 a.m.

    Chaos at airports? More chaos than happened on 9/11? The previous group that was in charge would have announced a week ago what was about to take place. Then anyone of the bad guys would have moved then to be this ban. This was a surprise and it was on purpose. It sure beats another 9/11! I hope Pres. Trump does more.

  • Hutterite American Fork, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 7:51 a.m.

    I'm waiting for him to become so presidential that we're bored. Waiting to win so much we ask for it to stop.
    Meantime, the resistance is here to stay. It's not going away in a couple weeks, because things are going to get worse, I'm afraid.
    Meantime, he's going to hurry and drop a supreme court nominee on us to try to distract. I don't think it's going to work.

  • What in Tucket? Provo, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 6:47 a.m.

    At one time Mr. Obama stopped immigration from Iraq for 6 months. Not a word was said by the media.

  • marxist Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 6:06 a.m.

    This whole thing is a Steve Bannon brain child, preparing us for mass roundups of undesirables (in the Trump view - deplorables?). Some of us will be next.

  • LOU Montana Pueblo, CO
    Jan. 30, 2017 6:04 a.m.

    This is nothing, give Trump another week or two and this will be forgotten.

  • Freedom Seeker Riverton, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 6:01 a.m.

    Why the outrage? Can't you remember all the home grown terrorists who have gone abroad, become radicalized and returned to commit terrible acts of terror? Well, I certainly can.

    What President Trump has done is totally rational, and remember it is only temporary, just until we can figure out how to protect "we the people".

  • cougar engineer Alpine, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 3:42 a.m.

    exactly what was promised during campaign. It is unfortunate that more clear instructions did not filter down to customs and immigration inspectors who had to get addittional questions answered. Press jumped the gun and /or did not tell whole story- How many people were released after being questioned? Are they being questioned respectfully? I can certainly remember being outraged at overzealous TSA people.

  • Cheshire Cat Bronx, NY
    Jan. 30, 2017 3:19 a.m.

    For Donald Trump supporters, identifying his most recent executive order banning travel from seven predominately Muslim Middle Eastern and North African nations is what they have wanted from the day he came down the escalator in Trump Tower. They don't care if it is a Muslim ban or "not" a Muslim ban. They know the executive order, in keeping with his pledge during the campaign, is to keep Muslims out of the country. This included Muslim green card holders (supposedly protected like an American citizen by U.S. law), to students studying in the United States, scientists wanting to come for meetings of do work,and the children of Muslim residents already here who are now stranded in their parent's home country. The child may be as American as any American child, but he/she is Muslim and therefore excluded.

    These Trump supporters don't care how Trump implements his controversial promises, they just want it done regardless of constitutionality, legality, or extent of ethical abuse. They want it and expect Trump to deliver, no excuses.

    Trump's saying his executive order is not a Muslim ban is only for those who are not his supporters. It's all smoke.

  • Nichiro-san Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 30, 2017 3:02 a.m.

    After only 8 days in office, Donald Trump has become the most reviled president in modern history. Protests fill the streets and they are not going away as long as he keeps governing by proclamation and issuing 148-character tweets. Perhaps his staff is able to shield him from the dissent that is engulfing the nation. Not since LBJ and Richard Nixon have we seen such mass protests against a president's policies as we see with the Muslim ban.

    Although apologists insist Trump's policy isn't really a ban on a religion, Trump has clarified that his travel ban only exempts Christians and other "minority religious groups facing persecution." So instead of applying a religious litmus test to who has to stay out, we have a religious litmus test for who can come in. It's like saying, all Protestants except Mormons and Jehovah's Witness. Exempting one religion while discriminating against another is a ban on that religion, i.e. Muslim ban.

    Of course, those Muslim nations doing business with the Trump Organization are not affected even those some of these countries have provided ALL of the terrorists who have attacked the United States.

  • Queen of Hearts Phoenix, AZ
    Jan. 30, 2017 1:36 a.m.

    Rudy Giuliani, the man who wanted to be Secretary of State, said that Donald Trump wanted a Muslim and tasked a group for finding a "legal" way to do it. Even though Trump and his advisors say the executive order is not a "Muslim ban", according to Giuliani it is, just crafted to give the appearance of not being that.

    Although the current ban does not specifically target all Muslims, it actually does target Muslims coming from countries which have never produced a terrorist to attack the United States. Those Muslim countries which have produced terrorists in the 9/11 tragedy and San Bernardino shooting (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Pakistan) are not subject to the ban.

    Why? Because Donald Trump has business interests in those countries according to the Washington Post. Hotels and golf courses, the Trump name is as prevalent in the Middle East as it is in the United States. Trump gets tens of millions of dollars each year from licensing agreements where only his name and his brand is his investment.

    According to Reince Priebus, customs officials have discretionary rights to detain any Muslim entering the United States.

  • Jim Chee Ka'anapali, HI
    Jan. 30, 2017 1:19 a.m.

    Donald Trump's Muslim ban is leading us to a Constitutional crisis. The courts have weighed in and issued a stop order, but Trump continues as if the Constitution doesn't apply to him and his edicts. It's not only the Muslim ban, but other outrageous proclamations have displayed an arrogance of power never seen since Richard Nixon.

    Republicans need to stand up and assert their position as the majority in Congress and tell the president that we are a democratic republic and not the authoritarian dictatorship that he appears to favor.

    If Trump continues in his government by executive order, we will see more demonstrations here and around the world. This is not good for our country. The vision of the Founding Fathers is being destroyed where America was founded on liberty and extending open arms to the dispossessed, the threatened, and those yearning to be free.

    Extending the ban to all countries which have Muslim populations (per Trump's insistence that a single religion is a threat to our democracy) will not change the narrative that this is a ban against Muslims, a religious test to discriminate against people escaping a life-and-death situation.

  • JSB Sugar City, ID
    Jan. 30, 2017 12:22 a.m.

    It's a complex issue with a simple minded person's solution. Things are going to get worse.