Live streams: 5A & 4A state baseball championships

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  • BBB2010 Salt Lake City, UT
    May 22, 2015 2:48 p.m.

    This Spanish Fork broadcast is head and shoulders above the broadcast that we have been getting for the 5A games today. If it were possible I would like to send these two men and their crew some money to pay for their efforts if they were to broadcast the 5A game tonight as well!

  • eagle Provo, UT
    May 21, 2015 6:23 p.m.

    The three game thing was ridiculous, really unfair to Timpanogos. Sometimes you just need to push things back a day, the world wouldn't end with a Saturday championship.

  • UtahBruin Saratoga Springs, UT
    May 21, 2015 11:17 a.m.

    In some respects I agree with Apollo 13. Not only did it affect Woods Cross in that late game to have to travel back up to Bountiful and then be back to UVU for a 9am game the next day, but I believe it hurt Timpanogas even more having to play three games in one day yesterday. There is just not enough pitching on a high school team to play three games in one day, especially when they are games that result in scores of Win 4-2 Close game, 8-2 Lose second game of the day, 15-2 lose third game of the day. The way they play these state tourneys in this state is ridiculous.

  • Apollo 13 Salt lake, UT
    May 20, 2015 11:01 p.m.

    UVU gets compensated for the use of their field. They also profit from concessions and the sale of their merchandise. It is not a donation. BYU had an open field as did other high schools in the areas. The 5A game could have been played elsewhere like SLCC as opposed to dumping it on the 4A venue and placing all 4A games behind schedule by 1.5 hours to start the day. Whoever made the call to keep the 7:00 pm teams on site until 10:30 only to send them home was a poor decision. Especially for those who traveled long distances to watch the game. If that is the UHSAA then so be it. A decision on that game should have been made at 8:00 when the 4:30 game was still being played to allow both teams time to return home and rest.

  • kbdayton Mapleton, UT
    May 20, 2015 6:29 p.m.

    Apollo 13, UVU has nothing to do with what games are played there, it is the UHSAA that determines EVERYTHING to do with where and when games are played. The 5A fields were unplayable, fortunately UVU has tarps and a proffesional crew to keep fields in GREAT shape to keep the state tourny running. Maybe we should be praising UVU for allowing the tounament to happen this year!

  • UtahBruin Saratoga Springs, UT
    May 20, 2015 12:37 p.m.

    Unreal! The feed seems to be a KSL feed today, a major broadcaster and it is terrible. The previous broadcast were done by Spanish Fork Cable and it never froze up once. Is this really it, Spanish Fork cable can put together a internet broadcast better than KSL. WoW!

  • Apollo 13 Salt lake, UT
    May 20, 2015 12:10 a.m.

    Whoever is running the 4A tournament at UVU should be terminated. Today was a mess and it was not all due to the weather. Moving a 5A game to UVU only put all the 4A teams behind schedule to start the day. The 7:00 pm game did not start until 10:10 pm and after forcing both teams to stick around all night they suspended it after the first inning anyway.
    Who is making these decisions!!!!!!!?