Pope backs search for wartime truth in Sri Lanka

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  • brotherJonathan SLC, UT
    Jan. 13, 2015 8:15 p.m.

    Searching for truth. Words to live by, in this life of self-deceptions.
    I've asked Pope Francis/LDS Pres. Monson- How/why is mankind so blinded to Satan's power over our minds?

    I was called of God, given the logic and proofs of what Satan is and does to our So Called Free Agency.
    We don't have free agency! Many personal choices:
    Are taken away from our minds. Blindness to reality or the facts that drive our logic/reasoning.

    We call ourselves Christians, but to be a true follower of Christ.
    We must love our neighbor, Right?

    Catholics ask the Pope..............Mormons ask Pres. Monson.....

    Ask this one question and our world will become paradise on Earth. That's right:
    Have the courage to ask a simple question and Satan will be bound.

    This gift is from God. I only write the proofs and testimony of where this logic comes from.

    Is Satan Instinct Mechanism? or in other words.
    Is Satan A CREATION OF GOD: The Brains To Operate Every Lifeform- Autonomously ?
    Clarify: Is Satan our personal Artificial Intelligence Programs?
    Blocking our moral choices from us.

    PREPARE FOR OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST by asking this one question.