Israeli strikes on Gaza, rocket fire, break lull

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  • Copacetic Logan, UT
    July 28, 2014 11:01 a.m.

    Anyone who has followed the history of the fighting between Hamas and Israel knows that the key to ending this war is to get Hamas to quit indiscriminately launching rockets into Israel.

    Each Israeli air attack has come in response to rockets being fired into Israel. From what I've read, this has been without exception, or very close to it.

    I can just imagine what the USA would do if a country or terrorist group fired over 1500 rockets at us on USA soil. The response would be very quick and even more severe than what Israel has thus far done in retaliation to that same level of attack on them. In that context, it should be difficult for anyone to blame Israel for defending itself.

    This entire scenario (including the blockade) would end relatively quickly once Hamas actually quits launching rockets. That continues to be the key. But unfortunately, it's something Hamas has thus far refused to do... much to their own, as well as to Palestinian people's peril. A very sad situation that doesn't need to be.