FBI: No arrests yet in scam targeting migrant kids

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  • LeDoc SLC, UT
    July 27, 2014 10:02 a.m.

    Sounds like an inside job. Either that or the governments database has been hacked.

  • JWB Kaysville, UT
    July 27, 2014 6:48 a.m.

    Someone has the list and control must not have been part of it. It is a shame that money still is a profit issue for people. They are always hunting for a golden egg at the price of children who were already taken advantage of for 1000s of miles and extreme danger. Terrorism is these kids threat every.

    "the U.S., case workers for the nonprofit contact relatives. But at some point after that initial contact, scammers have been calling relatives and demanding money to complete the reunification process, Lee said.

    I remember kids being kidnapped in countries where I lived and their arms and legs being broken to be more useful as beggars for the men who made money after kidnapping them. That was almost 50 years ago. These kids were being transported over international boundaries then.

  • Ironhide Salt Lake City, UT
    July 26, 2014 1:45 p.m.

    Some people are just digusting. No conscience.