Police commissioner asked to quit over Obama slur

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  • Jimmytheliberal Salt Lake City, UT
    May 21, 2014 11:32 a.m.

    How old are the criminals in New Hampshire if the Sheriff is 82?!

  • Badgerbadger Murray, UT
    May 19, 2014 8:06 p.m.

    Dear Utefan 60,

    Please tell your mother that the First Presidency does not record and monitor the prayers given in each ward. They don't behave like the NSA, or the IRS, or the democrat party, or the ACLU.

    Perhaps just offer to give the prayer and set a good example.

    The older generation says things socially unacceptable. Okay. Some of them do things socially unacceptable in their depends too, because they are old, not because they are mean, or stupid, and not because of the republican party.

  • 4word thinker Murray, UT
    May 19, 2014 7:51 p.m.

    The guy is 82. That is a good reason to have him resign.

    But seriously, how many times can the media get outraged over an old man who hasn't overcome the prejudice of his youth?

    Can we ever have some measure of understanding for the old folks and their life experience? They were the greatest generation, after all.

    Jeremiah Wright got a pass. Why not these old gentlemen?

  • UtahBlueDevil Durham, NC
    May 19, 2014 1:45 p.m.

    @Worf... could you please site this quote... source and page please. Then we can put this all to rest. Minus the citation, many are dubious about it and the context of it.

    "The vile epithet used and confirmed by the commissioner has no place in our community: He should apologize and resign," Romney said in a statement provided to CNN.

    And amazingly, the man did.

    Of course this now probably moves Romney over into the politically correct RHINO class... which isn't necessarily a bad thing. We need more RHINOs, and less that will try to justify and rationalize this mans statements... no matter how much hate they have for another.

  • worf Mcallen, TX
    May 19, 2014 1:08 p.m.

    In most cases, racism is created by politicians, and media for their own agenda.

    Unfortunately, many people are easily fooled, and follow like sheep.

  • lost in DC West Jordan, UT
    May 19, 2014 10:43 a.m.

    I do not see what difference the rest of the quote makes. I see you left out the part Worf quoted.

  • Drailed Lindon, UT
    May 18, 2014 5:22 p.m.

    Worf it always best to use the full quote so that it can be taken in context. What you did is just dishonest and probably just you trying to hide your racism by projecting it onto President Obama.

    "As I imagined myself following Malcolm X’s call, one line in his book stayed me. He spoke of his wish that the white blood that ran through him, there by an act of violence, might somehow be expunged. I knew that, for Malcolm, that wish would never be incidental. I knew as well that traveling down the road to self-respect my own white blood would never recede into mere abstraction. I was left to wonder what else I would be severing if and when I left my mother at some uncharted border."

    Source: Dreams from My Father, by Barack Obama

  • Karen R. Houston, TX
    May 18, 2014 7:54 a.m.

    I see that some of the comments are placing Texas in a good light again.

    This man may come from a generation steeped in the acceptance of overt racism, but this only explains his bigotry. It does not excuse it.

    It's skin pigmentation, folks. None of us choose it. It says absolutely NOTHING about one's character.

    Re: the complaint that this was a personal conversation and he should have the right to express his opinions: He absolutely does. And the citizens over whom he has authority by virtue of his position have a right to judge whether his opinions might lead him to actions that aren't in their best interest. Do they not?

  • worf Mcallen, TX
    May 17, 2014 7:03 p.m.

    If I could. I'd get rid of every drop of white blood flowing in my veins--"by Barack Obama".

    What about the hate towards this Police commissioner?

    Sorry folks, but you're no better.

  • GaryO Virginia Beach, VA
    May 17, 2014 6:58 p.m.

    Texas Gal -

    "Mr. Copeland is 82 years old. He grew up in a different time with different social norms. My grandparents were the same way."


    And it's also understandable that if he cannot adapt and accept modern social mores and standards of civility . . . Then he should be put out to pasture.

    He certainly should NOT occupy a postion of Public trust.

  • Mark B Eureka, CA
    May 17, 2014 6:38 p.m.

    So he "expressed" his views, but he has no expectation that no one will disagree, perhaps strongly. Maybe if you're 82, you feel that anything you express anywhere must be all right. But that's not so. Note also that the objections don't come from government, but from regular people who rightly object to this kind of blather being expressed IN PUBLIC.

  • Texas Gal Alpine, TX
    May 17, 2014 9:36 a.m.

    Happy Valley - proud? Maybe. I feel he's just being honest & taking responsibility for what he said. He's not trying to gloss it over.

    One Wife Only - I have so must disgust for Obama, I never refer to him as "president". I respect the office too much.

    Mr. Copeland is 82 years old. He grew up in a different time with different social norms. My grandparents were the same way.

    He was out for dinner on his private time when someone over heard what he said. So he's not allowed to have a private conversation? He's not allowed to have his own opinion? Because of his position, he can't express how he feels? You may not agree with the words he used, but he has every right to express his views.

  • Utefan60 Salt Lake City, UT
    May 17, 2014 8:54 a.m.

    My mother, a very active LDS church member sent a letter to the First Presidency asking why there was no longer any mention of our duly elected President in the prayers offered in her ward? In the past there was always a mention of President Bush, Nixon, even Clinton. These prayers asked the Lord to assist him in guiding our country. . Kind of a double standard. I wonder why? I thought we are supposed to invoke the Lord to help our duly elected officials? Or has racism and politics entered into that?

  • Blue Salt Lake City, UT
    May 16, 2014 9:47 p.m.

    No. Can't be. Supreme Court Justice Scalia says racial discrimination is over. He said that, so it must be true.

  • OneWifeOnly San Diego, CA
    May 16, 2014 4:06 p.m.

    This public official is so full of hate toward our President that he can not bring himself to even offer the respect of a title to President Obama, our Commander in Chief. Instead he calls the President "the current occupant of the Whitehouse". There are plenty of examples of other politicians who have behaved in similar disrespectful ways toward the office of the presidency. They way sunshine is the best disinfectant. I'm glad the public is shining a light onto this politician and any others like him.

    I advise all voters to do your homework before you vote.

  • Bob K portland, OR
    May 16, 2014 3:55 p.m.

    Remember, during the last Presidential campaign, when many of us said that much of the opposition to this President was about his not being a part of the tradition of White men running the world, or that he was too "foreign" or simply about the fact that he was Black?

    If Mr Obama were White, Romney would have lost by much larger numbers, and gotten almost no Electoral College votes, because he was such a poor candidate.

    If Mr Romney were Black.... well, he would not have been nominated.

  • Happy Valley Heretic Orem, UT
    May 16, 2014 2:17 p.m.

    "I believe I did use the 'N' word in reference to the current occupant of the Whitehouse," Copeland said in an email to his fellow police commissioners. "For this, I do not apologize — he meets and exceeds my criteria for such."

    Proud to be a racist full of hate, yeah he's the man you want in a position of authority?