Europe recovery shows signs of strengthening

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  • happy2bhere clearfield, UT
    April 25, 2014 7:05 a.m.



    Ever been to Europe? Even in their best economy, most Americans would not trade it for our recessions. What with very high taxes, government providing too many entitlements, and 6 weeks vacation mandatory, the low productivity of Europe compared to the U.S. makes their lives much less than we have. And I really doubt anybody said there would be no recovery anywhere. Where it is lagging frankly is right here in the U.S. Obama is the one who could likely leave office after 8 years with no recovery to show for his policies.

  • ThornBirds St.George, Utah
    April 24, 2014 10:17 a.m.

    Please be sure no Republicans read this article. May cause heartburn for many of them.
    The nation has been told by Republicans that no recovery would occur anywhere in the world.

  • Hamath Omaha, NE
    April 23, 2014 4:43 p.m.

    And the truest test for their gov't again comes around. Will they rein in spending during a period of relative growth??? Or will they continue to be irresponsible stewards with their money and continue borrowing like crazy, only to be in worse shape during their next economic downturn? Or worse yet, until the loaning countries finally decide to not trust them.