US weighs curbing deportations

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  • SLars Provo, UT
    April 27, 2014 1:46 a.m.

    Obama has destroyed immigration enforcement in this country. This would create De-facto open borders, and the end to US sovereignty.

    Think of the millions coming here because we are not enforcing our laws. The Democrats are toast come election time.

  • worf Mcallen, TX
    April 22, 2014 9:56 a.m.


    We are fundamentally transforming into another Mexico.

  • Brio Alpine, UT
    April 22, 2014 9:11 a.m.

    Obama has taken it upon himself to misuse Executive Power given to the president. He uses it to illegally change laws that should be done by Congress. He trys to create laws, which is also a job of Congress. And now he misuses this power in ignoring laws he doesn't like or agree with. Deportation laws are the legal laws of our land. They have been created by a Constitutional process and therefore need to upheld by the government.

    Obama's misuse of our laws (often via his henchmen) is reprehensible. Obama took an oath when he became president to uphold the laws of our land. He has broken that oath numberous times. Civiiliy of law needs to be brought back to the office of the president and respect for the laws of our land needs to be re-established.

    Curbing deportations will simply have the effect of encouraging more illegal immigration and will compound our current problems regarding it. There is no question that the negative effects of this latest mandate will create more negative than positive results. If Obama wants to change our current deportation laws, he needs to go through Congress and do things properly.

  • CA. reader Rocklin, CA
    April 22, 2014 8:52 a.m.

    Not every illegal alien who is removed from the US is formally deported. Many are granted voluntary departure. I am sure those who oppose all "deportations" do not want to differentiate between the two so they can promote their radical agenda. Formal deportation is reserved for those who most deserve it, the majority being convicted criminals. Are we supposed to be a repository for the world's criminals? I don't think so. We try as a nation to be responsible for our own convicts; other nations should be also.

  • techpubs Sioux City, IA
    April 22, 2014 8:08 a.m.

    So basically you believe that the act of producing a child on US soil or having a parent or sibling that did everything legally cancels your past regardless of what crimes you may have at home or here.
    And what is wrong with taking your family with you when you are deported so there is no separation? Every year thousands of US citizens pack up and travel with their parents either to new jobs or as part of carnivals and circuses.

  • techpubs Sioux City, IA
    April 22, 2014 8:01 a.m.

    {The change, if adopted following an ongoing review ordered by President Barack Obama, could shield tens of thousands of immigrants now removed each year solely because they committed repeat immigration violations, such as re-entering the country illegally after having been deported, failing to comply with a deportation order or missing an immigration court date.}

    Since re-entry after deportation is a felony under current law, I wonder how many other felonies will be ignored in order to allow these illegal aliens to remain here.

    Smuggled drugs while entering? No problem, you have fathered a child here and are now working under a stolen identify as a carpenter so you can stay.

    Citizens would receive jail time and legal immigrants would be deported, but if you break our Immigration Laws you apparently are supposed to be rewarded.

  • van Saratoga Springs, UT
    April 21, 2014 5:31 p.m.

    President Obama would not be hurt politically from using his executive power to halt deportations of undocumented immigrants that have mediate family that are US citizens or anyone that is family of the Armed forces. It would be wise for him to get up and tell the American public how he does not support the break up of anymore families and to throw all the blame on the do nothing congress that refuses to act, and will never act.

    Politically, the republican party is doomed over immigration. The party seems to think by stalling immigration bills, putting the blame on Obama and telling the American public that they don't trust Obama is going to help them..they are living in political dream land that will soon turn into a political nightmare in 2016.