Russia agrees to turn over some weapons to Ukraine

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  • mark Salt Lake City, UT
    March 28, 2014 9:01 p.m.

    Interesting that Russian President Putin called President Obama to, as the White House describes it, ""discuss the U.S. proposal for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Ukraine,"

    Did President Putin just blink? Of course the D News doesn't see fit to run that story, yet.

  • John Pack Lambert of Michigan Ypsilanti, MI
    March 28, 2014 5:00 p.m.

    If the authorities of Ukraine had been wise they would have followed the example of Poland and expelled virtually all non-0Ukrainians at the time of independence. Allowing the ethnic minorities to remain has caused a perpetual problem. They should have learned what Czechoslovakia learned in the Sudentenland, that an ethnic minority aligned with a more powerful neighbor will destroy your country.