Apollo 8 astronaut marks 1968 Christmastime broadcast to Earth

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  • BYU Track Star Los Angeles, CA
    Dec. 23, 2013 5:36 p.m.

    Through the eyes of a 13 year old, I remember the event well. My parents were flying the family to visit Grandma in Oklahoma for Xmas. Considering what was happening in 1968; The Tet offensive, the assasinaton on Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, the subsequent inner-city riots, The election of Nixon. Whew!,I wanted then the age of Aquarius not the run up to the Apocalypse. Through my eyes there was wonder that three Astronauts were going to circle the moon and then try to return. Seeing the TV shot of the Earthrise while orbiting the Moon was awe-inspiring. Almost like seeing Hubble's photos of multiple distant galaxies today.