Amish school shooter's kin: Horror, then healing

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  • Ann Blake Tracy Logandale, NV
    Dec. 10, 2013 1:53 p.m.

    How wonderful to know Terri is doing this with her other son! It will be good for them. Terri and I became acquainted through this tragedy as I helped them search for the whys behind their nightmare. I was grateful to have already been acquainted with so many in the community having lectured there before. There is nothing like going to sleep with no buzzing electrical sounds around you and to go to bed when God turns the lights out!

    The Amish people are wonderful and as the world has learned through this tragedy are some of the most forgiving on earth.

    I will have to put Terri in touch with Kim Crespi whose husband stabbed their twin five year old daughters to death in an antidepressant-induced psychotic state. She too has forgiven her husband and is working to free him. She even helped him understand what happened to cause him to do this so he could forgive himself. As a result Kim has been given awards for her forgiveness project. Seems Kim and Terri would make a great team!

    We need more understanding and forgiveness in our world to heal us all! Thank you for this story!