Boeing solicits bids for site of 777X production

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  • LDS Liberal Farmington, UT
    Nov. 24, 2013 9:14 a.m.

    Alabama, possibly Huntsville.
    Boeing already has Space operation there,
    and Airbus is doing work there now as well.

    California, most likely. Boeing just close C-17 production there.
    Big empty plant, Thousands of ex-Boeing employees looking for work.
    Good weather.

    Also very very likely.
    Boeing builds the F-18 there,
    and that work is set to dry up with the F-35s replacing it.
    Again, already has a plant, and skilled workforce.

    South Carolina,
    Slim chance.
    After the debacle called the 787 Dreamliner,
    don't count on it that happening there for many many years of fixing the damage already done.

    Possible, but Boeing would be competing head-to-head for Lockheed Martin employees.

    No a snowballs chance.
    Utah is a ruse to try to under-bid and push down the competition.
    They would need a new plant,
    They do not have a sea port for Global access from worldwide Supply Chain,
    No skilled workforce,
    No infrastructure,
    The valley inversions would be like having an predictable 2-10 week factory shutdown [ala, union strikes] each and every year on aircraft deliveries.

    Utah gets the kudos for being mentioned in the newspaper.