Public relations for terrorists: New tactic meant to spare some Muslims

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  • DN Subscriber 2 SLC, UT
    Sept. 29, 2013 12:32 p.m.

    In other words, some (but not all) Muslims are at war with anyone not of their religion. This is their "holy war" or Jihad, intended to kill men, women and children indiscriminately if of the wrong religion (or no religion at all). There are also reports that many captives at the mall were brutally tortured before being murdered.

    How can anyone think that you can negotiate with people like this?

    The Jihadists or terrorists must be killed, as a matter of lawful self defense, before they kill all of us.

    Make no mistake, they would eagerly do this in any mall in Utah, on Black Friday after Thanksgiving if they could. And, there is no reason to think they they could not.

    Hoping and pretending that the terrorists will not strike again anywhere is foolhardy. We must be prepared, and we must take the war to them.

    One important step should be to secure the borders, to slow the flow of people who may have evil intent.