John Florez: Empathy, the language of no borders

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  • Moabmom Moab, UT
    Sept. 2, 2013 10:01 a.m.

    This article is an excellent example of Fabian style socialism at work in the immigration debate. The author uses religious language and 'emotion' to sway people into thinking that 'open boarders' is the correct and 'Christian' thing to do. The Webbs and George Bernard Shaw and the modern day members of the 'new' Fabian Society would be proud! The problem with the flowery language is that it leads to a false result. Open boarders policy is a direct threat to US sovereignty and the freedoms set forth in the US Constitution. The policy of 'open boarders' seeks pure democracy (mob rule) over Representative democracy (republic from of gov't) Modern day Fabian socialists have no problem using minority's to get what they want. People should really educate themselves on the Fabian Society and its modern versions, Open Society Foundation and Open Society Institute. Unlike the title suggests, I have no 'empathy' for groups that seek to destroy our Republic. They are simply using illegal aliens. We have clear immigration laws and they should be followed.

  • prelax Murray, UT
    Aug. 31, 2013 4:34 p.m.

    Love is sending people down the path of righteousness; rewarding illegal/dishonest behavior is not love.

    Empathy for the victims of criminal acts should not be ignored. Over the fence conversations are not "no borders". We confront borders and property lines every day in our lives.

  • Mike Richards South Jordan, Utah
    Aug. 31, 2013 3:18 p.m.

    Okay, listening is required if we are a civil society. Does a judge base his ruling based on the words that someone used as they presented their case to the judge, or does he base it on the law?

    If someone is here illegally, we can have empathy. We can wish that that person had obeyed the law so that that person would not have to face the consequences of entering the United States illegally, but we cannot excuse that person for breaking the law.

    We might have total empathy for someone, even a bank robber, but we cannot condone robbing banks as the way that people get the money they need to pay their bills.

    We have laws in society to protect us from those who use 'sentiment' to convince us that lawlessness is the correct way to handle a problem.

    Yes, listen carefully, but be wise enough to tell people to go to the authorities if they have made a mistake. Be wise enough to uphold the law. Be wise enough to not think that you are above the law just because you are loved.