Down on UTOPIA

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  • Mike Richards South Jordan, Utah
    Aug. 21, 2013 11:10 a.m.

    What does Utopia cost per household? Estimates range from $1,300 to over $2,800 per household. What does a public park cost per household? Look at your property tax notice and you'll see that it costs pennies per household.

    What services should government provide? That's very simple. Government is charged with providing those services authorized by the people who are served by that government. If you could convince the majority of people in your local government that eating apple pie every Friday night was a duty of government, and if your local city council agreed, that "law" could be written and you would be taxed for an apple pie every Friday night.

    Knowing what is essential and what is not essential is what separates politicians from statesmen. Politicians will foist anything on us that benefits them personally or their business or their friends. Some say that Utopia is one of those "foisted" services that benefit Utopia and those who run Utopia much more than it benefits those who are REQUIRED to buy that service.

    Be careful what you wish for because you might get your wish.

  • The Real Maverick Orem, UT
    Aug. 21, 2013 8:53 a.m.

    For one, many cities have voted on it, and we don't want it. Yet, our city councils have gone through with UTOPIA regardless of what 'We the People' said.

    Secondly, $800 dollar sign up cost. Of course city councils didn't mention that. They advertised this as "cheap Internet!" Yeah... Not so cheap when you pay through the nose on merely a sign up.

    Thirdly, many private sector companies are coming in and providing superior service at a cheaper cost.

    Lastly, if businesses want this so bad then they should pay for it, NOT TAXPAYERS.

    I can't survive if I constantly keep seeing my taxes go up for these lil pet projects for the city and state.

  • Ultra Bob Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Aug. 21, 2013 7:44 a.m.

    If UTOPIA is so great for business, why doesn’t business pay for UTOPIA?

    The answer is that Business has been usurped by unscrupulous businessmen who find ways to force the taxpayer to pay the cost of doing business. In cases like UTOPIA businessmen can make a profit without ever selling a product.

    The probable truth about the small business that the writer is talking about is itself a scam. The amount of money lost by individuals in small businesses that fail probably exceeds the money the money that is made by similar small businesses that succeed.