Give their land back

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  • LDS Liberal Farmington, UT
    Aug. 17, 2013 3:29 a.m.

    Well, maybe we should give all our land back to the Native Americans and Mexicans.


    Fine by me.
    I think the Native Americans have been right all along.

  • trekker Salt Lake, UT
    Aug. 16, 2013 3:26 p.m.

    Just our of curiosity Irony Guy, Why don't you live there in Europe? Sounds like you would like too.

  • Eric Samuelsen Provo, UT
    Aug. 16, 2013 1:06 p.m.

    Essentially no one believes Israel should give 'all their land back.' But many support a two-state solution, including every President since Nixon.

  • Irony Guy Bountiful, Utah
    Aug. 16, 2013 12:55 p.m.

    OK with me. Europe is a beautiful place. Better food, better health care, nicer neighbors.

  • Truthseeker SLO, CA
    Aug. 16, 2013 8:54 a.m.

    Interesting movie/documentary--"The Gatekeepers," interviews with the former directors of the Shin Bet--Israel's secretive security service--stretching from 1980s-2011.

    The best chance for peace came during Clinton's administration, and it was undone by extremists on both sides, culminating with the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin by a radical Orthodox Jew.

    Extremism is the great destablizer in society--and it isn't just found in Islam. It is here in the U.S. as well.

  • higv Dietrich, ID
    Aug. 16, 2013 7:08 a.m.

    I guess I should give my home back after paying for it, My groceries back after buying them. We paid Mexico a huge sum after the war for land that had few Mexican Natives anyway, And was there sovereignity among Indians before European colonization. Conquering has been going on for millennia in many continents even among various Indian tribes European Settlers just had more advanced weapons and education so outconquered Indians and most conquered people live in society of Indians. Who could we really give land back to the Indians? And would any want to live like there Pre Columbian ancestors today?