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  • JSB Sugar City, ID
    July 20, 2013 11:27 p.m.

    Athletics from high school through the professionals is saturated with corruption. What a sad reflection on our society that our tax money is spent on high school sports which introduces young people to such a venal part of our society. Surely the money could be better spent elsewhere (such as fewer students per teacher).

  • Midvaliean MIDVALE, UT
    July 20, 2013 9:37 p.m.

    Have to agree with Mukkake. It is what it is, and its not going to stop. Ever.

  • Mukkake Salt Lake City, UT
    July 20, 2013 11:48 a.m.

    [Doping may not entirely fix every contest's outcome, but it still rigs the game in a way that calls into question the legitimacy of every win.]

    Then they should all "dope" and see who the best really is. Steroids are just another tool at an athletes disposal and should be allowed, under medical supervision, if we want to actually see what the human body is capable of.