Millcreek annexation

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  • jcbrad Salt Lake City, UT
    June 23, 2013 3:12 p.m.

    Many people voted against Millcreek City rather than voting to continue as part of the unincorporated county. Many didn't feel any sense of community with the proposed boundaries, and feared what the actual cost of a new city would be. They feared it was going to have higher taxes. We believe the annexation to Holladay addresses those concerns and more.

    There are many reasons our group filed now to be annexed. The urgency is created by the actions of other efforts to defect from the county. One group file a notice to have our all of Millcreek Township annexed into Salt Lake City, another group is actively collecting signatures to mount another effort to Incorporate Millcreek Township in 2014, and another group is trying to annex their area into Sandy.

    We would welcome any information showing our tax rate data to be incorrect. Ms. Smiths claims we believe are wrong, but we are open to correction if she has data to support her claims. Our data comes from actual tax bills for 2012.

    Google Citizens for Holladay for a complete discussion of our efforts.

    John Bradshaw
    Citizens for Holladay