From prison to college: Major foundations fund five-year study bridging divide

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  • motengator troy, MI
    May 30, 2013 6:47 a.m.

    The "From Prison to College" project is a waste of money. Those of us that study and have worked in corrections for the last 40 years or more know that educating and training inmates improves outcomes for them and for the larger society. Hence, there is no need to fund a special project to determine if this fact is emprically valid. Moreover, scientific evidence has never moved governors and state legislatures to employ evidence-based practices or principles to help correctional institutions achieve their rehabilitative mission. As a matter of fact, most state governments don't believe in the rehabilitative/correctional mission of state prison systems.

    Instead of wasting donor's money on five year projects to prove the obvious the funders should use their resources to educate the public about how state legislatures waste their tax dollars by incarcerating non-violent offenders that pose minimal threat to public safety, incarcerating violent offenders long past the point they pose a threat to public safety, and by failing to hold departments of corrections accountable for "correcting" the behavior of the citizens in their care.