Dreamliner's future

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  • LDS Aerospace Engineer Farmington, UT
    April 30, 2013 9:15 a.m.

    Boeing had 2 fires during the FAA flight test program for certifcation before going into service.

    Boeing SAID they had fixed the problem.

    They did not, and 2 more fires broke out AFTER going into service --
    THAT'S why the FAA cracked down extra extra hard on Boeing this second time.

    Boeing had failed - perhaps even misled the FAA intentionally, therefore the FAA cracked down with an iron fist.

    Add to the fact - the 787 wasn't designed or built by Boeing -- but was farmed out to over seas designers and builders -- Boeing had no oversight or authority to make any changes.

    It makes me curious what other dirty little secrets got swept under the rug?....