Pac-12 basketball: UCLA hires Steve Alford as new hoops coach

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  • Naval Vet Philadelphia, PA
    April 3, 2013 3:26 p.m.


    So Duckhunter gets to say...

    "ucla could hire jim boylen and still beat utah every game every year," and that's okay.

    But I do NOT get to say...

    "The Indy-WACers could hire Nick Saban and they'd still get beat by Utah playing their backup QB."

    So would somebody please explain why the former is permitted, but the latter is not? Which rule did I violate that Duckhunter did not? Because they seem pretty close to me, and your current policy does not specify.

  • Duckhunter Highland, UT
    April 2, 2013 4:41 p.m.

    ucla could hire jim boylen and still beat utah every game every year.

  • Naval Vet Philadelphia, PA
    April 2, 2013 1:25 p.m.


    The article said UCLA was offering him an annual salary of $2.6 million. I doubt UNM was paying him that kind of scratch.

    Plus, Los Angeles > Albuquerque

  • DEW Cougars Sandy, UT
    March 31, 2013 9:17 p.m.

    I never thought seeing him at NM and going far west. Rick Pitino wouldn't and many others would stay east.

  • Duckhunted provo, UT
    March 31, 2013 8:15 p.m.

    Why leave a superior MWC for the PAC 12??

  • worf Mcallen, TX
    March 31, 2013 1:14 p.m.

    The mans word is no good. What a shame.