Ancient camel fossils found in Arctic, linked to modern breed

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  • Liberal Ted Salt Lake City, UT
    March 6, 2013 2:08 p.m.

    That's just crazy weird. Because if you listen to al gore, he tells us that only "evil" cars fueled by "evil" oil and "big business" can cause climate change, global warming or global cooling. How on earth would canada ever have a different climate 3.5 million years ago, without man driving SUV around? Or could this possibly mean that the earth can change it's climate and always has thoughout history?

    Either way. al gore will be flush with cash and a private jet. While the rest of us losers fight over it. The clintons, obamas, warren buffett, john kerry etc will be laughing all the way to the cayman islands, while their menions "occupy" public and private space and defecate, engage in drugs and other criminal activity.

    That's the cold hard truth folks.