Hugo Chavez, fiery Venezuelan leader, dies at 58

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  • WestGranger West Valley City, Utah
    March 9, 2013 4:21 p.m.

    Why is it that far left wingers who admire Chavez don't mind an oppressive government as long as it is socialist? Like his grandfather who was a bloody revolutionary, Chavez was brutal to those he saw as a significant threat to him. He shut down opposition television channels. Heavy propaganda and brainwashing were commonplace. He amassed a two billion dollar personal fortune. Populist socialist make a lot of false. pie-in-the-sky promises. He used Venezuela's vast oil fortune to spread his own politics of revolution and left the Venezuelan people in poverty. Major roads and bridges went were left without repair.He made great efforts to embed his ideology of fear, intolerance and division into the society, especially the youth. Worst of all he used the politics of hate to bitterly divide his people.

  • JWB Kaysville, UT
    March 7, 2013 8:22 a.m.

    Morales and Chavez are like brothers with the same Fidel type of actions. Raul is not any different as he an Fidel are linked at the hip plus have the same blood line. As Fidel or faithful is faithfully not for freedom, Venezuela under Chavez or Bolivia under Morales are not for freedom. Chavez and Morales are faithfully socialist, communists and anything but for freedom loving people. Government cannot run businesses such as petroleum and mining and government equates to corruption in many countries and especially those countries.

    People get lulled into complacency when everything is handed to them on a plate. Chavez got a lot of his votes for medical care and living quarters

  • m.g. scott LAYTON, UT
    March 6, 2013 2:13 p.m.

    Re: JoeBlow

    Point taken. Anytime someone uses or implies the term "all" or "never" leaves open a lot of exceptions. In any case, I'd be surprised if in Hugos case there are not a few more people of the "left" in this country that will see Hugos passing as a bad thing than will people of the "right".

  • Emajor Ogden, UT
    March 6, 2013 2:09 p.m.

    Your dishonesty is absolutely shocking to me. I looked up the two phrases you quoted and found that you are being very disingenuous.

    "Chavez will continue to be an inspiration for all peoples who fight for their liberation"
    "Chavez will always be present in all the regions of the world and all social sectors"

    Both are quotes from Bolivian president Evo Morales, not from the press, not from the Democrats, not from any American liberal figure. You are using the words of an extreme left foreign politician describing another extreme left foreign politician in order to discredit mainstream American liberals. If I found a quote from the leader of a Somali religious terrorist cell praising Osama bin Laden, I could then also say "the right defends Osama bin Laden". Do you see how ridiculous this is?

    Do not try to compare Marxist socialist dictatorships to any mainstream liberal philosophy in America. There is no comparison, unless you also see similarities between the Taliban and American conservatism. Taking the extreme of any philosophy to attack the mainstream is dishonest.

  • JWB Kaysville, UT
    March 6, 2013 12:41 p.m.

    In a country that controls almost all the Press it is even more liberal than in the United States of America. The man controlled the airwaves if not in person by policy and mandatory use of guns to force the policy.

    Russia and Communism existed for a long time with Pravda and equivalent. Russia did everything right according to their dogmatic press over the past almost 100 years with leaders that always tell the truth to get their people to believe them.

    Chavez garnered fame and glory from his select few and is able to be his prophet and messiah. However, he has chosen to leave this earth and hopefully Venezuelans will come away with fear and trepidation to form their own non-militaristic government. Chavez really liked being a General and lived a life of exquisite power for a lot of years, one way or another.

    The 1,700 miles of beautiful beaches, tall mountain ranges, deep jungles with multitudes of water sources and outlets brings some real beauty and resources to a country that is not free to do. They don't have the same type of life, liberty nor the pursuit of happiness. They have government everywhere.

  • JoeBlow Far East USA, SC
    March 6, 2013 12:22 p.m.

    "Is your point that some Liberals in America really don't admire the likes of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro? "

    Nope, My point is that there are all walks of life. Just because someone on the left, or the right for that matter, has a view, it cannot be assigned to everyone in that group.

    And, yes, you can find people who are far left and far right that have crazy ideas.

    But, the blanket statement was made that

    "Chavez. He is everything the left in America admires. He is the consummate roll model for liberalism."

    Is ludicrous. Wouldn't you say?

    Yes, partisans would love to paint the other side with the statements of a few that do not reflect the mainstream of that group.

    Do all conservatives believe that a "woman's body can reject a pregnancy during rape"?
    Or that the earth is only 6000 years old?

    Of course not. And one would be dishonest to suggest so.

    That, MG, is my point.

    out of posts.

  • m.g. scott LAYTON, UT
    March 6, 2013 11:33 a.m.

    Re: JoeBlow

    Is your point that some Liberals in America really don't admire the likes of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro? Because, unless the stories I've heard are false, I've understood it that people like Steven Speilberg, Oliver Stone, and yes, the aforementioned Sean Penn, have all gone to their countries and "kissed the ring" of those guys. At least I've never heard about one of them coming back and saying anything negative about their visits. Am I wrong?

  • JoeBlow Far East USA, SC
    March 6, 2013 10:54 a.m.

    "What he said is what was said and still makes my point that those on the left adored Chavez."

    Yes Mtnman. The left in BOLIVIA.

    I am amazed at the illogical lengths you will go to make a non point. Whats next? Praise from Fidel Castro as proof that the left in the US loved Chavez?

    How bout Dennis Rodman as proof the the left loves Kim Jong?

  • Mountanman Hayden, ID
    March 6, 2013 10:11 a.m.

    @ Joe Blow. Don't you ate it when people fact check your comments? Not at all. What he said is what was said and still makes my point that those on the left adored Chavez. If you need further evidence of the left's love of Chavez, review some of the posts on this blog that adore him.

  • jsf Centerville, UT
    March 6, 2013 9:59 a.m.

    Actually, not Chicago, but Honduras.

  • jsf Centerville, UT
    March 6, 2013 9:49 a.m.

    Yes poverty levels are down to about 33% never lower, while Chavez banked over two billion of the countries assets for his personal accounts. He is one of the ultimate one percent. A country with billions in resources, and you can't get staples like milk, sugar, flour, or hamburger. Inflation rates averaged 29.1% in 2010. Unemployment is at 12%. The US is the largest trading partner with Venezuela. Opposition candidates are as likely to end up dead as to making it through an election. The Murder rate in Venezuela is second highest only surpassed by Chicago.

  • Robroy Murray, utah
    March 6, 2013 9:38 a.m.


    Facts of the matter? Really? Don't know for sure but I have a feeling that your stats came from the Chavez government stats.

    Thank goodness for Obamacare, er I mean Castrocare. Socialism at it's best.

  • JoeBlow Far East USA, SC
    March 6, 2013 9:27 a.m.

    Mountanman writes

    "Chavez will continue to be an inspiration for all peoples who fight for their liberation," "Chavez will always be present in all the regions of the world and all social sectors. Hugo Chavez will always be with us, accompanying us."

    How's that for the left defending Chavez?

    Pretty weak, actually.

    Your quote was from -

    "A teary-eyed Bolivian President Evo Morales, one of Chavez's closest allies and most loyal disciples"

    So, you are blaming the "left" for what a Bolivian President says?

    Don't you hate it when people fact check your posts?

  • m.g. scott LAYTON, UT
    March 6, 2013 9:22 a.m.

    I wonder if Hugo would be alive today if he had come to the U.S. for cancer treatment? Oh wait, I forgot, Cuba has the best health care and education system in the world. My mistake.

  • Mountanman Hayden, ID
    March 6, 2013 8:59 a.m.

    @ Joe blow: I looked online for some time in an attempt to find any conservative who defended Chavez but found numerous articles from the left doing so, here is one example: Associated Press March 6,""Chavez will continue to be an inspiration for all peoples who fight for their liberation," "Chavez will always be present in all the regions of the world and all social sectors. Hugo Chavez will always be with us, accompanying us."
    How's that for the left defending Chavez?

  • Baccus0902 Leesburg, VA
    March 6, 2013 8:46 a.m.

    I must confess that the personality and mannerism of Hugo Chavez really annoyed me. However, the people of Venezuela felt represented and was elected and re-elected. No international observers accussed him of fraud.

    Regarding his legacy, he empowered the lower social classes of his nation. He transform them from victims to participants in the political system.

    Many of the people who comment here feel that Hugo Chavez was the encarnation of evil due to his rethoric against the U.S. Well, every story has at least two sides. The U.S. you like to admit it or not is an empire. A political and economic empire with the most powerful military power history has ever known. Is it a surprise that other nations resent our intervention in their internal afairs? Would we accept that?

    Rest in Peace President Chavez and I hope Venezuelans have the integrity and wisdom to keep the good that has been achieved, the strenght to change what is pervasive to their development. Venezuela needs to heal their internal divisions and I am confident that President Chavez was a catalyst for change in a rich nation were few that much and the many had little.

  • JoeBlow Far East USA, SC
    March 6, 2013 8:41 a.m.

    "Chavez. He is everything the left in America admires"

    Ok Left. Here is your chance to prove Mountanman right.

    Drop us a post and tell us if and why you "admire" Chavez as Mountanman claims.

    If he really is the "consummate roll model for liberalism", surely all you on the left would be happy to come to defend Chavez.

  • Mountanman Hayden, ID
    March 6, 2013 6:54 a.m.

    @ Jonathan Eddy. Bowing down to US dictators? You obviously mean Pelosi and Obama, right? The press loves Chavez. He is everything the left in America admires. He is the consummate roll model for liberalism.

  • JWB Kaysville, UT
    March 6, 2013 6:04 a.m.

    Having lived there after a dictator in the 1960s, the people were relieved to have an elected but not perfect President. The dictator didn't like vehicles honking their horns so he made it a prohibited practice in the downtown area where his palace was not far from the slums. He called that part of town "Silencio". When he was ousted, the people honked their owns continuously in that part of town for days.

    Some say this man was good. I don't agree that Hugo Chavez added glory to the country but he did to himself. When I lived in Venezuela, Che Guevarra was in the hills and like Fidel his soul mate, it was not for the benefit of the country. Fidel tried to get the people's support but did not succeed by force so he found his man, Hugo Chavez to do it without a war of machinery but politics and the voting machine.

    There are ways to take control of the country and people's minds. Promise them the moon-stars and they will vote for you. He had his power and authority as a General in their military to use in his voice/manners.

  • ClarkHippo Tooele, UT
    March 6, 2013 1:25 a.m.


    And when Mussolini ran Italy, the trains always ran on time.


    And we all know when Republicans like George H.W. Bush pass away, liberals will be oh so polite, kind and thoughtful in how they honor him.

  • Jonathan Eddy Payson, UT
    March 5, 2013 9:19 p.m.

    Chavez has been demonized by the press for years. Why? Could it be that he decided to never let his country bow down to US dictators?

  • worf Mcallen, TX
    March 5, 2013 8:49 p.m.

    @Meadow Lark Mark

    "we need the government to take total care of us in every aspect of our lives!!"

    Yes! Even if it means poverty.

  • George Bronx, NY
    March 5, 2013 8:12 p.m.

    such classy comments by our conservative friends on this thread, way to stay classy.

  • AllBlack San Diego, CA
    March 5, 2013 7:17 p.m.

    For the people here critical of Mr. Chavez or those claiming that freedom can now come to Venezuela, the facts of the matter are that under Chavez's rule:

    -poverty went down from an estimated 43% in '99 to 26% in '10 according to the world bank, extreme poverty also fell but by 72%

    -infant mortality rate fell by 18% between 1998 and 2006

    -unemployment fell from 15% in 99 to 8% in 09

    Now he did nationalize many foreign industries, he didn't like the USA or its meddling in Venezuela's oil industry and inflation is still high. Inflation was 29% in '10 but it was also 29% in '89 and 99% in '96 before Chavez came to power. But if infant mortality dropped under Chavez then nationalized industries and a stubbornly high inflation rate are worth paying for. Results matter more than ideology.

  • NeilT Clearfield, UT
    March 5, 2013 6:54 p.m.

    What a shame. Sad. He will be missed by many. Foruntateley I am not one of them.

  • Meadow Lark Mark IDAHO FALLS, ID
    March 5, 2013 5:56 p.m.

    Today too many in the United States want to be like Venezuela. Isn't that the answer to everything, we need the government to take total care of us in every aspect of our lives!! Yes then all will be well for us.

  • MapleDon Springville, UT
    March 5, 2013 5:49 p.m.

    Good riddance.

    March 5, 2013 5:11 p.m.


    To late.

  • JWB Kaysville, UT
    March 5, 2013 4:54 p.m.

    Chavez went to Cuba to get medical care than Venezuela. Venezuela was a country with a lot of capital from the oil drilling, extraction, processing and exporting. Chavez became what Cuba got with Castro. Chavez basically made everything government owned or controlled. Their nation is much worse off than it was in the 1960s and 1970s. An Army General to a President that was dictatorial and controlling. They have so many natural resources and great people and professional existed there. Engineers trained in the United States of America were such a potential for a country that had the benefit of oil. Castro only had sugar cane and didn't do a great job with that. At least with Cuba in communism that kept Las Vegas and Atlantic City on a roll without Havana and the tropical paradise recreation. It will be interesting to see if the Vice President type person is really able to run the country now that absentia didn't last forever. Bolivia and Nicaragua still have their allegiance to Castro but Hugo is not in the picture anymore.

    Venezuela promising potential for years. When the dictator got deposed in 1960s the people honked their cars for days.

  • worf Mcallen, TX
    March 5, 2013 4:46 p.m.

    Let's hope freedom, and liberty springs from this.

    May we avoid leaders like Hugo here in the United States of America.

  • Elcapitan Ivins, UT
    March 5, 2013 4:37 p.m.

    Send Dennis Rodman (our Ambassador at Large( to represent the US and President Obama at his funeral. I am sure he would have many kind words to leave for the dead Head of State.

  • coleman51 Orem, UT
    March 5, 2013 4:32 p.m.

    Now what's going to happen when Barack Obama's most conspicuous cheerleader can't cheer for his favorite American President? Maybe another two-bit communist dictator will come forward so the Obama administration can give them their full support.

  • Down under Pullman, WA
    March 5, 2013 3:27 p.m.

    Let us hope that new leadership will move Venezuela back into the modern era of politics and away from the socialist/communist mentality. I love the Venezuelana people and want better for them.

  • germanygator Apo, AE
    March 5, 2013 3:23 p.m.

    Lest we forget...

    Chavez's cancer was Bush's fault. Or was it the Republicans in the House?

  • TOO Sanpete, UT
    March 5, 2013 3:19 p.m.

    A great opportunity for many people to take countrol of what is rightfully theirs--their country and lives. Hopefully someone who is honorable will take over as a true leader of this country.