BYU men's basketball: Cougars take control early, defeat Portland 86-72

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  • NevadaCoug Overton, NV
    Feb. 18, 2013 10:52 a.m.

    Yes, Cougar fans were anticipating the game against Portland. We were anticipating seeing our team get back on the court after a week off. We were anticipating being able to see them bounce back after two bad losses in a row. We were anticipating being able to see them work out some of the defense issues they had against SF and SD. We were anticipating being able to see Haws bounce back after a tough stretch.

    The anticipation had nothing to do with the opponent and all to do with what we wanted to see from our team. And the rest of the Cougar fans reading this will now say, "Duh!"

  • OCoug Ogden, UT
    Feb. 17, 2013 11:18 p.m.


    "you all really throttled them pilots"

    I actually didn't play in the game, otherwise it would've been the other around.

  • OCoug Ogden, UT
    Feb. 17, 2013 11:16 p.m.

    Good win, the Y needs to build some momentum for Gonzaga and the WCC tournament.


    Not exactly sure where the comments regarding Y fans continue thinking their team is top shelf comes from (Certainly nothing that I've seen on this articles comments). I read most of the comments on Y and U articles. It seems to me that the majority of deluded fans are from the U. The Y basketball program is not headed down because of one season. A top 25 recruiting class coming in would lead an unbiased observer to believe that the Y is going to continue its run as the best team in the state.

  • Tom in CA Vallejo, CA
    Feb. 17, 2013 11:11 a.m.

    " .... Meanwhile big brother has national power Arizona coming with a top 10 ranking to our place .... "

    That's awesome Chrissy. Maybe you'll be there with maybe 5,000 to watch your team get crushed again.

    Meanwhile 3rd ranked Gonzaga coming to the Marriott Center where 23,000 will be on hand.

  • Striker Omaha, NE
    Feb. 17, 2013 8:51 a.m.

    "Meanwhile big brother has national power Arizona coming with a top 10 ranking to our place"

    So you're saying it's fun to see BYU win at home and the next say see Utah get crushed at home? I think I like Utah's membership in that conference too.

  • Bluto Sandy, UT
    Feb. 17, 2013 7:20 a.m.

    @Chrissy B

    And BYU will play National Power Gonzaga (higher ranked than Arizona)in the Marriott Center, to a full house (20k) and a National ESPN audience.

    BYU, unlike Utah, has actually beaten Arizona recently (twice).
    So enjoy your empty arena on Sunday without a National television audience.
    And BYU will continue to recruit the best talent in the State.

  • indycrimson Franklin, IN
    Feb. 17, 2013 1:36 a.m.

    Article is about the "nation" anticipating a game against #247...

    It wasn't about who is better between PAC12 Utah and WCC BYU. Stay on topic children...glad you were excited for your game this week....You all really throttled Portland...them Pilots took a real whiping.....

  • scenic view Baltimore, MD
    Feb. 16, 2013 11:10 p.m.


    "I think our program is heading up..."

    IF your program manages to win TWO more games, only a very slim possibility, Krysko will only equal the 13 wins Boylen had in his WORST season - and that's only if you count Utah's two wins over NAIA and D-II teams.

    Some improvement.

  • LonestarRunner Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb. 16, 2013 10:55 p.m.


    Utah fans are simply deluding themselves into believing that the Utes are close to BYU.

    Unfortunately for U, that's only wishful thinking; RPI rankings prove that you're not even close:

    #67 BYU(19-8) > #160 Utah(11-13)

  • sammyg Springville, UT
    Feb. 16, 2013 10:13 p.m.


    Your hate is showing. Please show us one comment where anyone has said BYU is 'top shelf' or comes off as if BYU is 'top shelf'.You're just another anti-BYU fan makin' stuff up.

    One thing is for sure... BYU is better than the Utes this year, last year, the year before and the year before that...

    Some of us are hoping the 'strugglin' Utes' can string together 'two in a row' but...

    ... not on Sunday. LOL

  • Big 12 Call Yet? Ogden, UT
    Feb. 16, 2013 10:01 p.m.

    Huge win cougars. This wcc stuff sure is exciting. I personally prefer #10 Arizona at huntsman center than Portland at Marriott center. But that may be personal preference.

  • agb Layton, UT
    Feb. 16, 2013 9:32 p.m.

    Indy crimson:

    You have 2 posts. You wrote in your first post "nuff said. Out" Why did you post again?

    "The Utes are heading up and BYU is heading down."

    The Utes will have their 6th losing season in 8 years and may or may not have a mass exodus. That's improvement? Wow. Hard times for you.

    BYU certainly is down this year, but will win 20 games, and an NIT bid is likely. Out of curiosity will you be one of the Ute fans that criticizes BYU should they make the NIT, and then turn around and herald the Utes next appearance in the CBI or NIT as improvement?

  • Cinci Man FT MITCHELL, KY
    Feb. 16, 2013 9:27 p.m.

    I sure hope the NIT recognizes BYU as a powerhouse among the lower than 68 teams tier. Thanks for the good win tonight Cougars. I saw some good assists among the run and fire-it-up offense. And Davies was incredibly better at the free throw line. Great job Brandon!

  • indycrimson Franklin, IN
    Feb. 16, 2013 7:49 p.m.

    Nevada Coug

    My opinion is that both teams are bad...
    Ute fans know it and are pulling for improvement...
    Y fans keep acting like your team is top shelf...

    I think our program is heading up and your program is going the other direction...just my opinion...

  • NevadaCoug Overton, NV
    Feb. 16, 2013 7:41 p.m.

    Utah has just 3 wins in conference and has pretty much no chance of playing in a post-season tournament. Not only that, BYU beat Utah head-to-head; which Utah fans are constantly saying is more important than overall record. Exactly what is it that the BYU haters keep crowing about?

  • Chris B Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb. 16, 2013 7:36 p.m.

    Meanwhile big brother has national power Arizona coming with a top 10 ranking to our place

    Byu's best win of the whole season is not as good as utah's top FOUR wins

    I love my PAC 12 membership. It's great. So much better than being a weak coast conference member.

  • indycrimson Franklin, IN
    Feb. 16, 2013 6:50 p.m.


    #247 in the nation?

    Nuf said...out