Expert panel: NASA seems lost in space, needs goal

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  • WhyNotThink North, UT
    Dec. 6, 2012 8:31 a.m.

    Show me a country that has lost its curiosity to explore the unknown and I will show you a country that is in decline. Space exploration does not cost trillions of dollars. The entire NASA budget is less than 19 billion which is less than 1% of the national budget. This budget is large enough to return to the moon so we can develop long term space travel outside the protective confines of our atmosphere. It is enough to develop a heavy-lift vehicle for launching into non-orbital applications. I could go on and on.

    The agency simply needs focus on how to use its budget. That is an administrative function...which is not happening. NASA has no real agenda except let’s wait and see what someone comes up with. Many of NASA’s engineers and scientist have excellent ideas founded on good science and good engineering but no one is listening.

  • Superfluous Anaheim, CA
    Dec. 5, 2012 3:42 p.m.

    Just as long as we agree, it wasn't JFK's idea to go to the moon. Perhaps the only meaningful space projects left are long-term trillion dollar space voyages. If Obama pushed this agenda at this time, he would be criticized by everyone. NASA can take a break.

    If we have trillions of dollars to throw around, I would much rather it be spent on nuclear detection devices along all our borders. I would much rather be secured that no jihadist is sneaking a suitcase nuke into this country than to know there are cockroaches on one of Neptune's moons.

  • WhyNotThink North, UT
    Dec. 5, 2012 12:37 p.m.


    JFK was not a scientist either but he had a huge impact on the space program. Because he listened to the scientist and engineers that he commissioned and he had the leadership skills he made the recommendations happen.

    Obama has received recommendations that would revive NASA. These recommendations have come from within NASA and from without. He simply has chosen not to push them. Why? You have to ask him. I have not heard him make any statements on these programs for quite some time.

    The NASA director (CF Bolden) was selected and put in place by Obama. Perhaps the floundering is partially Mr. Bolden’s fault. If so Obama is the one that has to replace him. The bottom line is that Obama is the executive officer that we collectively have hired to run the Federal Agencies including NASA. As suggested by Crippen it is the presidents responsibility to ensure that NASA is world class, he is the boss that we hired.

  • Superfluous Anaheim, CA
    Dec. 5, 2012 10:19 a.m.

    What total nonsense. The President of the United States is NOT a scientist or one of the zillion space specialists we have on hand. It is NOT his job to come up with the ideas. It is NOT his job to give direction to NASA. It is NASA's job to come up with viable and meaningful space projects we can achieve with what we have, and then the President backs them.

    Obviously, Bob Crippen is making a political statement that will backfire. It makes him look "Lost in Space" , not the President.