House Speaker John Boehner says Obama should take lead on immigration

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  • Sego Lilly Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 10, 2012 1:36 a.m.

    @ Chumpley -- it's getting to the point now where it is the americans not the hispanics that are getting the governemt help especially here in Utah. The reason is - if your white you won't be hired for a job, you must be able to speak spanish fluently but not english. It's to the point that american born citizens are being discriminated against just as the hispanics were discriminated against because they couldn't speak english back in the 70s. Being able to speak english is no longer considered a "skill" but speaking spanish is. American citizens are the ones now seeking help in the form of food stamps, rental assistance, medical. And not all those who are poor qualify for food stamps or even medicaid.

  • David Centerville, UT
    Nov. 9, 2012 10:28 p.m.

    Fred, House Republicans passed a budget every year, while the President and the Democratic Senate has failed to perform one of their Constitutional duties by failing to present and pass a budget for 3 years. Oops, I am sorry, the President actually did present a budget...which was so poorly done that not a single Democrat voted for it.

    The President failed for 4 years to work on immigration reform. He called for a study by past leaders to study how to balance the budget, then he failed to adopt any of the recommendations.

    The president has not led. He has done nothing. Your finger pointing is misdirected.

  • Chumpley South Jordan, Utah
    Nov. 9, 2012 3:34 p.m.

    Hopefully something get's done we cannot afford to finance medical and social program for people that are not paying their own way. Mr.Obama was totally against Arizona trying to take care of a problem the State could not afford. If immigrants are going to come here to live they should expect to pay taxes and carry their own weight. As a country it has been proven that we have alot of people that could be productive, but find it easier to mooch off Government, and those that are working and paying taxes.We need some common sense here people we all need to do our own share.It is not a partisan matter its about being a good citizen.

  • Fred44 Salt Lake City, Utah
    Nov. 9, 2012 11:40 a.m.

    Good to know that Mr. Boehner is not going to let losing an election keep him from playing partisan politics. Mr. Boehner has had no opinion on anything for the last 6 months, but now every hour on the hour he has a new statement about what the President should do about this that or the other. Does he have any opinions on what he and the do nothing congress could do to solve problems. Before you start I know he and the tea party gang passed a budget they and other legislation they knew had no chance of passing in the Senate. That is not leadership, that is obstructionism. If the republicans had all both houses and the presidency then they wouldn't need to compromise, but when they only have one house, if they want to accomplish something they need to work with the other side.

    I agree that the President should lead, but I also believe that the Speaker of the House should be a leader as well, and what he is doing now is not leadership.