Bishop Caussé: Happiness more about choices than circumstances

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  • Brother Dave Livermore, CA
    Nov. 5, 2012 9:07 p.m.

    I thought that Bishop Causse's Fireside Address was right ON!

    He said that Life takes us places we never thought we'd get to.
    That's sometimes Good and sometimes Not. But it's how WE (as individuals
    and families) ADAPT to what comes our way, is the essence.

    With the Lord active in our lives All will work out for the Best
    on the eternal stage.

    If we instead dwell on what "could" have been or what "should"
    have been in our eyes, we might be less than happy and/or fulfilled.

    With this time of economic un-certainty, I think Bishop Causse gave some very
    positive and encouraging ways to look at what happens, when we don't really have
    much say. This was a very good perspective to give to the young adults of today
    when they might not get that "Dream Job" or get to live in that most desired place.

    Let the Lord be our Guide, Let Jesus Take the Wheel.

    Great Advice.

    Thank you Bishop Causse and God Bless!!

    And Thank BYU-TV for giving us the opportunity to view and hear Great Things like the Sunday evening Firesides!!

  • MPeace Provo, Utah
    Nov. 5, 2012 12:42 a.m.

    The Bishop left an important point out. Sometimes, when pursuing a perfectly developed plan of happiness, according to all laws, Commandments, and Covenants according to all safety principals, one can find it impossible to work the Happiness Plan we have designed. Even after praying for wisdom, understanding and knowledge, we will find ourselves blocked from doing our plan to the point that if we persist, we will find ourselves physically hurt, if we try to continue at that time, however healing comes quickly in such case. That part of our plan is not according to Heavenly Father's Timeline Plan. Later we may find we can do that part of our happiness plan. It is just at that time we could not. From experiences like these we find that God is very close to us and will not let us interfere at all with His planned timeline one bit. We learn we should just be patient and happy that Our Heavenly Father pays such close attention to us. This the Bishop left out. If writing something, we will find the finish of it prevented, no matter what we do. We just know God is close.