After day of campaign criticism, Obama gets serious while taping comedic 'Daily Show'

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  • worf Mcallen, TX
    Oct. 18, 2012 6:21 p.m.

    Obama is Hillary Clinton's boss and he takes full responsibility for Libya and deaths of Americans.

    Isn't Obama also Eric Holder's boss, and over two and a half thousands weapons past through ATF to Mexican cartels? Many men, women, and children were killed with American weapons. Obama put out an execute order to block an investigation.

    Instead of focusing on Romney's war on women, why doesn't he explain fast and furious to the American people?

  • Rifleman Salt Lake City, Utah
    Oct. 18, 2012 5:54 p.m.

    The perfect storm. It is all coming together at the wrong time for Obama. No one is steering our country right now and Obama has more important interests than providing the leadership we need. He just isn't worthy to lead our country.