Lance Armstrong doping scandal a sad saga

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  • Furry1993 Ogden, UT
    Oct. 28, 2012 8:02 a.m.

    Information, please.

    What type of doping/cheating is Armstrong accused of doing? I don't rcall hearing anything, at any time, about a scandal coming from his failing a drug test. What is he accused of doing? How could he fool the testing?

  • patriot Cedar Hills, UT
    Oct. 15, 2012 10:05 p.m.

    sad ? What about mad? Yes mad that a guy made millions by cheating. Armstrong is a disgrace. There ought to be a way to reclaim his millions - law suits maybe??

  • ECR Burke, VA
    Oct. 15, 2012 1:48 p.m.

    There certainly seems to be compelling testimonial evidence against Lance Armstrong and the entire sport of cycling. But here's a question - Will drug testing be used at all in the future? The USADA has relied totally on testimony from other cyclists who compete with each other every day to make their case. As far as Lance Armstrong is concerned they have not offered any evidence that he failed a drug test. So why not just drop the drug testing and rely on eye witness testimony only? They seem to be saying that is the most reliable evidence to use.

  • Mr. Moots Salt Lake City, UT
    Oct. 15, 2012 12:07 p.m.

    If it is so impossibly hard to test for PED's (ie, Lance passed every test ever given to him) then how is the sport ever going to be cleansed?

    Totally agree that this whole thing is Sad.

    All of these guys are a joke. The sad fact is that people cheat.

    People want fame, fortune, and glory so bad that they throw their integrity out the window.

    There is a whole new generation, most likely with new and better drugs that will be even harder to discover, will follow their example.

    It is not going to change until the testing is accurate. So, this story is less about cycling and more about the guilt of cheaters to eventually come clean, or plea bargain their way out of it.

    Except for Lance, of course!