Levi Leipheimer, doctor expand on Lance Armstrong, doping in cycling

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  • FT salt lake city, UT
    Oct. 12, 2012 1:13 p.m.

    Lance is a lot of things and two among them is a cheat and a liar. Kudos to the riders who have been honest with us and themselves. May the truth set them free.

  • JWB Kaysville, UT
    Oct. 12, 2012 10:55 a.m.

    What a shame for our nation to have another top athlete get involved with litigation over a simple drug producing moment.

    As with many others who get caught they will continue for years contesting the definition of what they practice to find a loop-hole to go through the hole in the needle. It doesn't make them any less innocent but it makes them feel better about cheating.

    Cheating doesn't have to go to court as that is known by what it is in that individual's mind in relation to the 100s of competitors vying for the same win.

    They have become what our generation accepts. The marketing of the various types of pills, drinks and enhancing tpes of chemicals is accepted by "some". They ruin sports as to what that means to titles and winning the trophy and the millions and hundreds of millions that means for the commercialization of sports from a little bit of cheating. Cheating is cheating and there is no question about that. It all depends what you mean by the definition of cheating.

    It was meant to deceive and that is cheating or lying for gain. He has gained but lost