BYU football: BYU defense continues to dominate

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  • Downtownchrisbrown ,
    Oct. 8, 2012 6:27 p.m.

    BYU's defense is likely to have another good game on Saturday. Oreg St.'s starting QB is out with a knee injury.

  • toosmartforyou Farmington, UT
    Oct. 8, 2012 3:46 p.m.

    I hope they straighten out the fiasco that unfolded when BYU got the ball on the USU 9 and three plays later had moved it all the way to the USU 8....! Now there was some historic choking by calling the wrong plays, for sure. And that fake thing they tried reminded me of a scary experience at halloween, the kind you wish was just a bad dream but it really did happen.

    Players need to learn to "block" on special teams; maybe they need to move the ball back another two yards from the line of scrimmage so the defense has further to go to reach the kicker; and on a fake, don't just stand there and watch some defender sack the ball carrier----throw a block! Seems like that's too fundamental for our special team's play right now.........

  • Thinkman Provo, UT
    Oct. 8, 2012 1:09 p.m.

    2 things that have kept BYU from being in the Top 15:

    1. Missed FG at Utah
    2. Not converting the PAT at Boise.

    Notwithstanding BYU's weak offense, BYU is a good team.

  • Y Grad / Y Dad Richland, WA
    Oct. 8, 2012 11:38 a.m.


    Please don't call ND overhyped until AFTER the game.

    Agree with most of the sentiment expressed so far, if not the emotion. We DO need to make better use of the assets we have on offense, and although its nice to have James Lark as a third string qb, we do have to quit running through them like they're disposable.

    Rise and SHOUT!

  • Riddles in the Dark Olympus Cove, Utah
    Oct. 8, 2012 9:51 a.m.

    Pa. Reader

    Jamie Hill wasn't fired as BYU's Defensive Coordinator because of ineffectiveness; he was fired because he literally quit calling defensive plays against Utah State. The main reason the Aggies were able to move the ball so effectively against BYU is Hill left BYU in their base defense almost the entire game with no adjustments at all for down and distance and offensive formation.

    Doman is solely responsible for that bone-headed decision to run a QB draw on BYU's final 1st down with the game already decided and BYU only needing to take a knee to secure the win. There's absolutely NO excuse for Brandon calling that draw. Doman also blew BYU's scoring opportunity when BYU took possession at the Aggie 9-yard-line, by calling a run up the middle (on which BYU was called for holding), instead of throw a fade into the end zone.

    Brandon is a young OC, but he seems to lack the offensive insight possessed by everyday arm-chair QBs. Hopefully, he's learning from his mistakes, but they're killing his team and BYU fans.

  • Black&Blue St George, Utah
    Oct. 8, 2012 9:45 a.m.


    Sorry but Notre Dame is anything but overhyped this season. 6-0 with blowout wins over Michigan State, Michigan, and Miami over the past 3 weeks show they are easily the best team on the Y's schedule this season. However, with the defense we have, both Oregon State and Notre Dame are winnable games, and would launch the Y back into the top 25.
    The offense is the worst I have ever seen it to be honest. And that is not due in anyway to the players. The talent is all there, but a incompetent OC makes all the difference. Downfield passing is essential to opening up the draw and option run. And yet Doman bottles up receivers to 5 or 10yd routes. So much talent is being wasted, especially at the WR position. And no QB can stay healthy in this system. Doman needs to figure it out fast, or pack up and get out.

  • armchairQBonthehill Salt Lake City, UT
    Oct. 8, 2012 9:44 a.m.

    Wow Pa. Reader, you must have a family member or close friend that didn't get a coaching job at BYU, but was much much better qualified than those currently on staff, to make that kind of statement. Sounds eerily familiar to the many callers of KSL radio post-game following one of the rare losses back in the LaVell Edwards / Norm Chow era. Callers mostly blamed Coach Chow for the lack of production or calls that didn't work out in certain situations.

    Hope you have lots of other things to occupy your time with productively today!

  • Pa. Reader Harrisburg, PA
    Oct. 8, 2012 9:23 a.m.

    Doman should not be fired because Hill was hurt on a quarterback draw late in the game. That injury could have happened on any given play.

    Doman must be fired because he didn't even realize his offense didn't need to run a play at all in that situation other than to just take a knee and escape with a win, thanks to a superb defense that once again covered his ineptitude.

    It's increasingly apparent that Bronco did him no favor by prematurely promoting him to a position he is not qualified to hold.

    Bronco didn't hesitate to show an ineffective defensive coordinator the door in a previous season. If his loyalty to his friend trumps his responsibility to his team and to BYU fans everywhere, then it's time for AD Holmoe to step in and demand the change.

    The only question is whether the mess with the misguided offensive philosophy can be solved without making a change at the top.

    If this course is not corrected, we are doomed to more blowout wins over bad teams, low scoring shoot outs vs. mediocre schools, and monumental losses to even mid level teams from major conferences.

  • sammyg Springville, UT
    Oct. 8, 2012 7:10 a.m.

    To have a great defense is great. Unfortunately that is just one half of a team.

    Well here's hoping for some magic to happen this week for the Cougar offense. I hope that Taysom's knee is not as bad as what has been lamely reported and commented upon over the weekend.

    Though my opinion means absolutely nothing I will chime in and state that I do question why there are so many QB draw plays. And to not take a knee is an inexcusable risk at the end of a game.

    I'm sure who ever made that call is regretting it.

    There, that's off my chest.

    Go Cougars!

    ... and go Bruins! LOL

  • cowboy99 South Jordan, UT
    Oct. 8, 2012 1:28 a.m.

    The defense is really good. You might even call it great but it's not elite. I say this season BYU's offense rarely and almost never starts with good field position. And this is with Stephenson being one of the better punters in the nation. The reason being is that even though the defense stops people from scoring it rarely gets turnovers and three and outs.

    Much of the defenses success comes from individual heroics ie Van Noy, Ogletree, Ansah etc. Whereas USU has had success on defense despite not having nearly as good of athletes as BYU because they pursue/surged to the ball as team. If BYU's defense pursued the ball with the same tenacity every play we would actually win the field position battle which is desperately needed for an offense with freshman/injured QB's and an offensive line composed of morbidly obese patsies.

  • Shaden Lincoln, NE
    Oct. 8, 2012 12:08 a.m.

    Will be at the game this weekend. Can't wait to see them play Oregon State. I really hope that Taysom is well enough to start.

  • A1994 Centerville, UT
    Oct. 7, 2012 11:37 p.m.


    BYU's defense is having one of its better seasons in a long while. Oregon State is rank 10th in the nation, but they are very beatable. It would do BYU's program a world of good to beat a top ten team. As far as Notre Dame goes, NOT one of the best teams in the country. One of the most (as always) over-hyped in the country.

  • idablu Idaho Falls, ID
    Oct. 7, 2012 11:15 p.m.

    Bronco is very valuable to this team as a DC. One of the best. However, I wonder if the offensive woes are partly due to head coaching neglect. I know Doman is a good buddy of Bronco's but I really think he is going to have to make some tough decisions at the OC position.

    As inept as our offense is right now, I still think we are capable of beating Oregon State this week. The real test of the defense will be the following week. Notre Dame may very well be the best team in the country this year.