Tire-d of disappointment when it comes to President Obama

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  • one vote Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 30, 2012 5:48 p.m.

    The writer must have really been disappointed when your hero Bush gave his two "the economic sky is falling" speeches before he jumped on the golf cart.

  • Mountanman Hayden, ID
    Sept. 30, 2012 4:01 p.m.

    Forced income redistribution is fine as long as you are on the receiving end! Oh to be a “victim” and get free stuff paid for by others who had to actually work for it! As Margaret Thatcher accurately stated,” The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money to spend”. Is a $16 trillion national debt proof enough that socialists ran out of other people’s money a long time ago and are now spending our grandchildren’s future, not yet born? If not, what is the number, $25 trillion that Obama’s second term will produce? Cradle to grave nanny state is alive and well, but the trick under Democrat leadership is to live long enough to make it to the cradle!

  • Ali'ikai 'A'amakualenalena Provo, UT
    Sept. 30, 2012 3:10 p.m.

    Mountanman Hayden, ID

    The term "income redistribution" is just the re-packaged anti-tax jargon that has been around for years. "Income theft" doesn't work with those outside the anti-tax world because most people recognize the social compact necessary to develop and maintain a community.

    However, the anti-tax folk always like the benefits they receive. They just don't want to pay for them. And then they complain about a certain group getting more than their share without acknowledging that the "certain group" is usually themselves in the nature of corporations and other large business entities. Although it's convenient to blame the poor and powerless, we usually see "income redistrubution" flowing upwards.

    It's like Donald Rumsfeld say " . . . you go to war with the Army you have . . . " without admitting that the Bush administration wanted to invade Iraq on the cheap and not raise taxes to pay for it. How many lives were lost because our soldiers were not given the equipment they deserved? Well, we did, at least, avoid "income redistribution" wanted to the save lives of non-federal-tax-paying victims.

    Republicans only like to "redistribute wealth" to military suppliers because they "create jobs".

  • Mad Hatter Provo, UT
    Sept. 30, 2012 2:54 p.m.

    So, what do you say about the 43% who want the turnip? Criticizing one individual for having 47% "in the bag" says a lot about the other individual having 43% blindly following him.

    As with all political statistics, these numbers can be spun in a variety of ways depending on the needs of those doing the spinning. It's like saying 95% of white males put on their sock sock before putting on their left sock and is proof that they prefer conservative ideas to progressive ideas.

    Hard work, taking responsibility, and patriotic loyalty are not "Republican-only" values. The so-called 47% are not "victims" just because Republicans say they see themselves that way. It sounds more like Republicans see themselves as victims because they may lose the presidential race again and they are looking for someone to blame for their loss. They like to criticize anyone getting "something" from the government unless they are getting it from the government.

    Remember, Republicans love Big Government when they are in charge of the government. They just don't want to pay for it. They prefer to use a government credit card.

  • Ultra Bob Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Sept. 30, 2012 1:55 p.m.

    Republicans caused many problems for the American people and many of those problems were created just to bring failure to President Obama.

    The state of the economy is the work of businessmen, mainly republicans, who have great hatred for President Obama himself. Businessmen have withheld investments and any action that would create jobs for people. Their excuses for not helping is that they were afraid of not making a profit and other flimsy arguments. But the fact is that republicans caused the bad economy and not the President of the United States.

    In both the House and the Senate the party of no prevented any effort by Obama to solve the problems. President Obama seems to have caved to the false philosophy of conservatives that giving money to business and rich people would create jobs. All the so called plans to help only gave more money to businessmen who still refused to help.

    The truth is that businessmen do what businessmen do. Businessmen create jobs only when needed to create products needed by consumers who have money from jobs. That’s why they are called businessmen, not “good Samaritans”.

  • Gildas LOGAN, UT
    Sept. 30, 2012 1:48 p.m.

    Although not a Romney-ite by any means I think that economically, vis-a-vis China, he is more likely to do something to stay or slay, our main economic rival, the Chinese "dragon". He did, the course of the Republican presidential debates, raise the issue of unfair competition in the economic arena citing China specifically, and on more than one occasion. Saint George did slay a dragon once, so they say, would 'Saint Mitt' do the same?

  • Pendergast SLC, UT
    Sept. 30, 2012 1:47 p.m.

    re: The Real Maverick

    I agree. Can't wait to see Mitty swing & miss with the same old and tired cliches on Wed. The GOP is the party of wedge issues and sound bites.

    re: Shaun

    Agree. If as Bill Clinton said the "too big to fails" are sitting on mountains of cash then why aren't using it. BC said they could write off alot the bad mortgages and that alone would kick start the economy. Perhaps, Mitt favorite people (corporations) are as whiney, petulant, & vindictive as republicans in the Senate & House.

    P.S. Didn't Osama & Ghaddafi cease to be on Barry's watch?

  • one old man Ogden, UT
    Sept. 30, 2012 1:32 p.m.

    More worthless propaganda from the right.

  • Hemlock Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 30, 2012 11:30 a.m.

    Mr. Obama has exported green jobs, failed to create domestic jobs, wasted money on ill conceived projects like Solyndra and others which benefit only his supporters, recklessly used the "Chinese credit card" which he ridiculed Bush for as unpatriotic and irresponsible, bragged about getting bin Laden with information gained from enhanced interrogation that he has condemned, confused our energy priorities, done nothing to make post-partisan politics the norm ("We won, get to the back of the bus.") and has embraced the radial left in his appointments. He has demonstrated his incompetence as commander in chief. I won't be voting for him gain.

  • Shaun Sandy, UT
    Sept. 30, 2012 10:58 a.m.

    @Mountainman. Mitt Romney does not pay Fica taxes. He doesn't pay income taxes (capital gains only) either so i guess he is part of the so called 47 percent.

    It is sad that people like Romney and people that support him think that 47 percent of Americans are victims and moochers. Almost everybody who earns an income at least pays FICA taxes. Also many people defend Romney about his tax rate situation and say nothing is wrong with it and that he is only paying what is legally required of him. Well those people who pay no federal income tax are only paying what is legally required of them.

    I think the real hypocrisy is republicans decry these victims but then they paint themselves as victims of an Obama economy.

  • The Real Maverick Orem, UT
    Sept. 30, 2012 10:21 a.m.

    @ Rikitikitavi

    So what are Romney's solutions?

    I'm sorry, but one lined zingers of, "free market" and "lower taxes" aren't solutions. Nor do I like his ideas of vouchers for Medicare or taking away low interest rates for student loans.

    And don't even get me started with his demands for even lower taxes on the rich, more defense spending, and military intervention in Iran.

    Lastly, how do we even know if Romney plans on doing any of these things? He has shown no backbone. So again, lets remember back to what his party did to our country just a few years ago. No thanks.

    Bush III is not at all what we need.

  • Hutterite American Fork, UT
    Sept. 30, 2012 9:29 a.m.

    The president isn't going to change your mind, and romney won't change mine.

  • Rikitikitavi Cardston, Alberta
    Sept. 30, 2012 8:55 a.m.

    A very sad commentary indeed when the president's only re-election strategy is unrelenting character assassination of his opponent. Would it not be refreshing for the president to try, just try leadership for once. Try being a leader for once, for all Americans, rather than beat down the character of his opponent. No record of progress to run on. No record of building unity across the aisle to run on. No record of hope, prosperity, and optimism to run on. Just the record of forcing his agenda upon his own party and upon the entire nation. Just the record of massive debt and divisiveness.

  • ugottabkidn Sandy, UT
    Sept. 30, 2012 8:18 a.m.

    Eric, you missed that one completely. That is not what the ad says, your retreval is not what happened. China likes to "bend" the rules from various trade agreements to their benefit. Obama called them on it. That is the fact my friend. Discuss, agree or disagree but 'just the facts sir, just the facts'.

  • embarrassed Utahn! Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 30, 2012 8:10 a.m.

    You are entitled to your own opinion. You are entitled to waste your vote. Me, I'm voting for the amazing commander in chief currently in office. Partisan Utahns think Bush III (Romney) would solve all our problems....wrong! Just try to be respectful during this amazing President Obama's next term. I've heard way too much poor-sportsmanlike, un-patriotic ranting the last 4 years. It's about the will of the American people... and not about YOU!

  • Mountanman Hayden, ID
    Sept. 30, 2012 8:08 a.m.

    Obama is such a hypocrite. He pretends to be “insulted” by the Romney comment about the 47% (who do not pay federal income taxes) seeing themselves as victims while he has this group solidly in his pocket! Of course the 47% see themselves as victims, if they didn’t they would have no need for income redistribution, no need for Obamacare, no need for food stamps, no need for Obama to give them free stuff! The entire Democrat message is one of selling victimhood! Victims of whom? Usually the “rich”, not counting rich Democrats, they are fine (more hypocrisy). Or its “evil corporations” or “big oil” or somehow its Wall Street’s fault you’re a victim! Until Americans stop seeing themselves as victims, we will continue to decline as a nation in every way that a nation can decline! Democrats need all the “victims” they can get because few people who actually pay federal income taxes will not vote for them!

  • Esquire Springville, UT
    Sept. 30, 2012 7:15 a.m.

    So Republicans ask, what has Obama done, and when they get any examples, they nit pick and denigrate, forgetting all the while that the GOP played the leading role in shipping jobs and manufacturing overseas. And then they nominate a guy who built his fortune on this and dismantling American companies. On top of it, the Republican candidate refuses to tell any of us how he will fix the very mess that he and his party created. This allegations of this letter are simply hogwash.

  • The Real Maverick Orem, UT
    Sept. 30, 2012 1:27 a.m.

    Sounds like this person on one hand bashes government intrusion while demands it to protect American jobs.

    You can't have your cake and eat it too.

    Another example of how the right wing has no idea what it's talking about. You folks really don't have any solutions. You cry for free market and then complain when the free market hurts you.

  • William Gronberg Payson, UT
    Sept. 30, 2012 12:40 a.m.

    The "47 percent" fiasco is also a disappointment. Mr. Romney needs to return to the classroom.