Obama suggests Romney is out of touch with America

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  • Furry1993 Ogden, UT
    Sept. 23, 2012 2:07 p.m.

    I don't see how anyone can miss the fact that Romney is out of touch with everyone but his affinity group -- the top 1%. It's obvious every time he opens his mouth.

  • worf Mcallen, TX
    Sept. 21, 2012 10:39 a.m.

    Someone in touch, wouldn't take hundreds of millions of our money for vacations, and Solyndra.

  • Happy Valley Heretic Orem, UT
    Sept. 21, 2012 7:58 a.m.

    The headline is to long: Romney is out of touch.
    Mocks allies and enemies a like, (But doesn't understand their indignation.)
    Mocks half of America (Even his own father according to his 47% theory, wouldn't vote for him.)
    Mocks the POTUS Daily. (regardless of facts or context)

    Obama shouldn't kick mitt when he's down......and out.

    Pawlenty is leaving Romney’s campaign to lead the Financial Services Roundtable, Wall Street’s deepest pocketed and most influential lobbying organization.
    From advising mitt straight to lobbying for the banks, draw your own conclusion here

  • peter Alpine, UT
    Sept. 21, 2012 6:39 a.m.

    I'm gainfully employed, but not by government monopoly money, and I feel like a victim of the obama administration because of his deficit spending, failed policies, increased taxes, and loss of freedom in the ACA. But, we endured the same thing under Carter, and we'll pull out of this one, too.

  • worf Mcallen, TX
    Sept. 20, 2012 11:24 p.m.

    The same people are always fooled by Obama statements.

  • DVD Taylorsville, 00
    Sept. 20, 2012 10:25 p.m.

    Want to be more in touch? Listen. Step into other shoes where practical. (Yes, many of us would like to wear the millionaire shoes, but wouldn't want to come back) Gain a wider perspective that way.

    What I would say Romney is out of touch with, is situations where someone else has been shutting doors of opportunity before you've had a chance to try. This is what many of our youth are facing today.

  • conservative scientist Lindon, UT
    Sept. 20, 2012 5:09 p.m.

    In other earth-shattering news headlines, the sun came up this morning.

  • Mountanman Hayden, ID
    Sept. 20, 2012 4:53 p.m.

    What a ridiculous, meaningless argument to say Romney or anyone else is “out of touch” with people! Every human is out of touch with some other humans! Do you agree with everyone? If not it could be said of you that you are “out of touch” with some people! I am out of touch with liberals. I don’t agree with hardly anything they do or say! Then I guess we could say I am out of touch with liberals. So please, stop saying Romney or anyone else is “out of touch”, because Obama and even you are out of touch with some people!

  • Tolstoy salt lake, UT
    Sept. 20, 2012 3:55 p.m.

    I agree with Glen the headline should read "Obama states the obvious."

  • Glen in the Bronx Bronx, NY
    Sept. 20, 2012 3:38 p.m.

    Actually it's Romney who suggests (on almost a daily basis) that he is out of touch with America. Obama is just reporting on the obvious.