Mitt Romney tones down criticism over diplomatic crisis

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  • Counter Intelligence Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 14, 2012 3:34 p.m.


    You forgot the part where Egyptian Newspaper El Fagr warned of widespread 9/11 violence BEFORE September 11 - a fact that was picked up by several american websites on September 10 - but apparently NOT by Obama (because as the Washington Post reports - Obama has missed more than half of his security briefings)

    Why is it that in your search for truth, you never pick up on snippits that do not advance left-wing causes?

    Sept. 13, 2012 10:32 p.m.

    maybe because the apology tour is figment of your imagination.

  • liberate Sandy, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 10:14 p.m.

    Sorry, Mitt, you just lost my vote. I was almost there, almost convinced you were the man you claim you are, the man many claim you are. But this did it for me. The President's main job is ambassador in chief, ambassador to the world. The economy is important but most data suggest the president has little impact on the economy. On the other hand, foreign policy is a big responsibility. And I'm not ready to turn it back to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. just yet. You had a chance but you blew it. It was a good run though. At least you can look back and say you did your best. Good riddance.

  • Dadof5sons Montesano, WA
    Sept. 13, 2012 3:19 p.m.

    Here is the real story this news paper and every media outlet is not running. Where were the U.S. Marines? And why were the Marines given Blank Ammo? Why Did Obama Not have the US Marines carring loaded rifles with real bullets? Why did Obama Not have the Marines Gaurd the Ambassador Like they are to do? These are the real questions the Democrat press will not ask!

  • worf Mcallen, TX
    Sept. 13, 2012 3:06 p.m.

    Just heard that Obama's popularity in the mid-east is less then ten percent.

    With the apology tour, and billions of aid money,--- how can this be possible?

  • Ernest T. Bass Bountiful, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 3:05 p.m.

    Romney politicizing this is despicable. He should be absolutely ashamed.

  • Truthseeker SLO, CA
    Sept. 13, 2012 2:58 p.m.

    "Today it is being reported Stevens was brutalized."
    What was your source?

    BBC reporting yesterday:
    "The Libyan doctor who treated Mr Stevens in hospital said he had died of severe asphyxiation, apparently from smoke inhalation, with no other injuries, and that he had tried for 90 minutes to revive him."

    "Ambassador Stevens died of smoke inhalation while trying to evacuate staff from the US consulate in Beghazi after protesters stormed the compound and killed Sean Smith - a foreign service information management officer.
    In the subsequent chaos, the protesters fired rockets at the vehicle Mr Stevens was escaping in, disabling it.
    It is thought two unidentified Marines attempted to drag the ambassador from the burning car, before being shot dead by the mob themselves.
    Graphic images from the scene show civilians then taking over the rescue operation, but their efforts to save Mr Stevens’ life proved futile."
    (The Independent, a British morning newspaper)

  • TRUTH Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 2:56 p.m.


    Thank you for posting Obama's original response and bringing to light the statement in question........and for inadvertantly pointing out the the reason Romney is now leading in the polls! Americans are ashamed that Obama would apologize and attack the constitution rather than condemn the perpetrators who had brutalized and murdered americans. The muslims need to grow up and accept that this will not be the last time someone will make fun of their religion or burn a Koran! Romney was right to catch what is so painfully obvious the majority of us.....that Obama is a disaster as his poor foreign policy has now revealed. Why are we giving Billions to a country who slaughters and disrespects our leaders? Only a lib would defend the indefensible hurt feelings of the muslims, who deserve our rath rather than our support!

  • Truthseeker SLO, CA
    Sept. 13, 2012 2:25 p.m.

    Has anyone actually read the statement released by the embassy (before the violence began)in Cairo?

    "The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. RESPECT FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the UNIVERSAL RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH to hurt the religious beliefs of others."

    This was a case of extremists vs extremists. One one would think ALL Americans would unite against this insanity. How disrespectful of Romney, (adding to his failure to recognize the troops at the GOP convention), to condemn the words of those working in the embassy who put their lives on the line to represent the U.S. Romney simply reveals more of his weaknesses in his pursuit of the presidency.

  • patriot Cedar Hills, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 2:18 p.m.


    Did you also the "love" the apology from our state department about how we Americans have to not "hurt the feelings" of mad man barbaric Muslims? Your wonderful president had the opportunity to condemn this pathetic apology but instead ... he says NOTHING!! Go figure. There will always be the weak and apathetic in this country who falsely think the best way to deal with terrorists is to apologize to them. Look where that has gotten us. I prefer peace through strength and not apology and weakness. How about you?? It is SOOOOO important that our president be viewed around the world as strong and decisive but unfortunately that is not the case. Americans are SICK of the apologies - they are undeserved and they are wrong and both the state dept and the president ought to understand that!!!! Stand up ONCE for America Barack!!!! One final thought - it would be nice if your pres could "fit" the prime minister of Israel into his "busy" schedule ... don't you think? I mean I know the Letterman show is so critical to national security but I think Dave would understand even if Barack doesn't!!

  • xscribe Colorado Springs, CO
    Sept. 13, 2012 2:09 p.m.

    @Mountanman: And vice versa for you conservatives! New ideas have frightened you since 2008! However, I hope I'm not included in those "liberals" you talk about, as unlike yourself, I'm sure, I don't always vote for a liberal and don't always think like a liberal. Can you say the same about your conservatism?

    @Belching cow: I don't understand your point. Maybe you can clarify. My only point is that Romney changed course when he found out his gamble didn't work, and is now moving on to blame Obama for something else. If your point is about blame, then I understand.

  • atl134 Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 2:04 p.m.

    "You spin anything bad about your man Obama into something better than it really is and spin Romney the opposite direction. "

    You say that as if you have ever said anything good about Obama or bad about Romney.

    @gramma b
    "After the attack on the embassy, the embassy reiterated the apologetic remark it had made earlier. "

    And condemned the violence, something Romney said they didn't do. That's kinda why everyone's saying Romney got it wrong.

    I'm not a fan of Reagan. However, the idea that Romney's politicization of dead Americans so soon that they hadn't even been buried yet while he's smirking at his press conference because he thinks he really got Obama on this one is anything like Ronald Reagan is frankly an insult to Reagan.

  • TRUTH Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 2:04 p.m.

    If anyone should apologise it is Obama and Hilary for jumping the the Rose Garden Obama stated that friendly libyans had delivered the body of Ambassdor Stevens to the Hospital. Today it is being reported Stevens was brutalized.....far from the safe and dignity Obama and Hilary led us to believe.

  • kishkumen American Fork, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 1:52 p.m.

    I love how our president handled yesterday. He condemned the violence, worked to secure other Americans in foreign lands, and mourned the loss of American lives. His opponent just tried to politicize the tragedy. No wonder the gap is widening in the polls, and our president is so favored when it comes to foreign policy.

  • Soul Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 1:49 p.m.

    Under the Obama Presidency, 4 diplomats are dead including the ambassador to Libya. What are you doing President Obama: to secure the embassy compounds in the Middle East? Please don’t give me another lame excuse, that it was someone else’s fault. What are you doing to insure the security of USA diplomats in what were once considerate safe diplomatic sanctuaries, regardless of the extremist actions outside?

  • Still Blue after all these years Kaysville, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 1:46 p.m.

    I have no idea why the Des News allows these extremely biased to the left AP stories to be printed. Romney did NOT tone anything down. He changed his speech to the economy, which Obama should also be heavily criticized for. This headliine is a pure lie.

  • eastcoastcoug Danbury, CT
    Sept. 13, 2012 1:42 p.m.

    So sad to see after such a long drawn-out election, but Romney will never recover from this...

  • patriot Cedar Hills, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 1:37 p.m.

    this is Reagan vs Carter all over again. This is the Iran Hostage crisis weak response by Carter. Romney CORRECTLY pointed out that apology is NEVER the correct response but it is ALWAYS the response from team Obama. Sadly always. We now know that US intelligence has known since SEPT 4th that there could be trouble on Sept 11 - why is it that Obama never seems to know about this intel? Perhaps because he spends most of his waking hours on Letterman or other light weight liberals entertainment shows... or golfing ....or anywhere but where he ought to be. Always leading from behind. America is aching for a leader who will stand up and NOT apologize about how we may have "hurt the feelings" of mad man barbarians over a movie. I 100% guarantee JFK, Reagan , Bush, Clinton would NEVER have issued that weak and wrongful statement .... not in 100 years. If Obama didn't agree with the statement then by all means SAY SOMETHING!!!! HE says nothing. So predictable and so pathetic. Look at the world this apologize and appeasement policy has created. The middle east is ready to explode and Israel is left alone. Vintage Obama!

  • gramma b Orem, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 1:36 p.m.

    This reporter didn't have her facts right. After the attack on the embassy, the embassy reiterated the apologetic remark it had made earlier. Romney was correct. And, the headline is misleading. Romney didn't "tone down" anything. He just talked about something else. He has stood by his ealier remark, and he was right. You would think the DNews would not just accept evrything said by the AP as truth. It clearly isn't. And, where is the headline about Obama "shooting first" when he said Egypt wasn't an ally. He has had to walk that back. And, where is the mention of Obama politicizing the death of 9 servicement in Afghanistan to ding McCain during the 2008 campaign?

  • Moderate Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 1:34 p.m.

    Romney needs a new foreign policy advisor. While he accuses Obama of going on an apology tour, it is Romney who is actually apologizing ("clarifying what he meant"). Not a good sign when your own party distances themselves from your remarks.

  • LDS Liberal Farmington, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 1:28 p.m.

    no fit in SG
    St.George, Utah

    Fred Koch, father of the Koch brothers, is the founder of the John Birch Society.


    John Birchers?
    No kidding, that explains a LOT!

    I should've picked up that up on my Right-wing-Extreme-o-meter a 1,000 miles away!

    Thanks for bringing that to light...
    I'll be certain to use it as a sludge hammer on the ultra-cons.

    Birchers...I should known....

  • Belching Cow Sandy, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 1:23 p.m.

    "He took a gamble, lost, and moved on to something else to blame the president for!"

    Well, Bush is still being blamed for everything by the Democrats and he has been out of office for 4 years. LOL!!

  • no fit in SG St.George, Utah
    Sept. 13, 2012 1:11 p.m.

    We are hearing rumblings about Mitt's advisors.
    Who are these people and why do they advise him so? Or.....does Romney simply ignore their advice?
    Conspiracy theory of the day...
    Could there be advisors who are now being told to keep Romney from the Presidency?
    Fred Koch, father of the Koch brothers, is the founder of the John Birch Society. The Koch brothers and like others are the major financiers of Mitt Romney's Republican candidacy.
    Has Mitt Romney been unable to fill Republican expectations as far as conservatism?
    Have these powerful individuals and their connections changed their mind about Mitt Romney for the Presidency?

  • Mountanman Hayden, ID
    Sept. 13, 2012 1:01 p.m.

    Every time there is a story about Romney you same 4 or 5 liberals chime in and criticize him. You spin anything bad about your man Obama into something better than it really is and spin Romney the opposite direction. A new idea frighten you?

  • LDS Liberal Farmington, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 12:29 p.m.

    Was it because he was wrong? or because it wasn't buying him any votes?

    If he was right, if he had integrity -- he'd stand by his remarks regardless of the out-come.
    He can't, he won't -- and that's why I can not support him.

  • Fred44 Salt Lake City, Utah
    Sept. 13, 2012 12:17 p.m.

    Uncle Gadianton,

    Really! WOW!

  • xscribe Colorado Springs, CO
    Sept. 13, 2012 12:12 p.m.

    He took a gamble, lost, and moved on to something else to blame the president for!

  • atl134 Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 12:08 p.m.

    @Uncle Gadianton
    He politicized a tragedy and lied/was wrong about the attack he was making since Obama Clinton and the embassy all condemned the violence. The only statement that didn't was the one Romney attacked made by the embassy and it didn't condemn the attack because that statement was made before the violence.

    As for the speech thing, you can criticize an anti-religious movie while still asserting that there's free speech rights. Criticism is free speech too you know.

  • TRUTH Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 12:05 p.m.

    It is now being reported that the egyptian embassy was not allowed live ammo to defend themselves as per state dept policy, as per marine corps blogs......the truth is proving that Obama is incompetent and that stories like this are cover for the POTUS incompetence

  • Uncle Gadianton Salt Lake City, Utah
    Sept. 13, 2012 11:58 a.m.

    Gov. Romney's remarks evoke Ronald Reagan's famous challenge at the Berlin Wall ("Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!") Reagan was criticized for the remark, even by his own advisors, who counseled against it. Reagan was lampooned in the media, who were convinced that he "shot before he aimed," and was leading the country into WWIII. Hindsight has shown that his remarks were courageous and entirely consistent with American policy.

    Gov. Romney stated that we shouln't aplogize for promoting freedom, and criticized those who would appease terrorists. I think that stand is courageous and on the right side of history.

  • Henry Drummond San Jose, CA
    Sept. 13, 2012 11:55 a.m.

    I like to think Romney has better sense than to try and make this a political issue, especially while the violence is still raging. I know there are no shortage of conservative members of his party encouraging him to make the remarks he made yesterday. I hope today's comments show Mr. Romney is using his head rather than his political advisers in addressing this problem.

  • no fit in SG St.George, Utah
    Sept. 13, 2012 11:53 a.m.

    Well, of course....
    Has Romney ever done it any differently?
    He acts and speaks first, then thinks later....... then delivering a different message.
    Mitt is a perfectionist at this behavior.
    Whew, a scary behavior, tho, for the leader of our country!

  • Furry1993 Ogden, UT
    Sept. 13, 2012 11:50 a.m.

    If Willard were the least bit honest, he would admit that he "shot before he aimed" and retract his remarks. Of course he won't.