GOP paints picture of a nation on brink, Democrats see rebound

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  • xscribe Colorado Springs, CO
    Sept. 2, 2012 7:13 p.m.

    These posts pretty much show the microcosm of America; just add up those for Obama and those for Romney and it's about 50/50. With that said, I really do get tired of both candidates and their campaigns telling us what the American people want. I believe America is split, and we need a president and a senate and congress who recognize that there are vast differences in what America believes and can lead without alienating 50 percent of the people at any given time!

  • SammyB Provo, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 11:05 p.m.

    Furry 1993,

    You didn't hear Romney's speech today. He railed on the Republican actions during the Bush years that helped create this mess. Romney is smarter than most people realize and a much harder worker than most Americans. His leadership will accomplish things Bush never dreamed of.

    Sept. 1, 2012 10:24 p.m.

    It's the Democratic senates responsibility to present a budget each year to Congress. It the Presidents responsibility to make sure they do it.

    3 1/2 years with no vision, no budget. Just paying the bills that come in. You can't blame Bush for this irresponsible action. We can't afford another four years without a budget.

  • patriot Cedar Hills, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 9:58 p.m.

    Name one promise regarding the economy that Obama made in 2008 that has come true over the past 4 years. One !!! He "promised" to cut the deficit in half and instead he added 6 trillion to it!! He "promised" that if we passed his 800 billion dollar stimulus unemployment - then at 6.7% - wouldn't rise above 8%. It hit as high as 10.1%. He "promised" to cut the misery index - people in poverty and instead the misery index has sky rocketed with more people on food stamps that ever before and black unemployment way up to 15%. He "promised" to create jobs and instead he has a NET job loss of over 1 million (NET == the combination of jobs gained and lost). The bottom line here is Obama's word means NOTHING!! The man has zero credibility which explains why the dem's NEVER talk about the economy. As I understand it this next jobs report for August is going to be UGLY and as usual Fox News will be the ONLY one that reports it.

  • patriot Cedar Hills, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 9:49 p.m.

    The CBO projects unemployment to hit 9.5% at the end of 2013 beginning of 2014 - that is what Democrat's call a "rebound"? Sounds to me more like fumbling the ball out of bounds. There is a show on ESPN called "Numbers Don't Lie". This show analyzes why a certain NFL team or player is struggling by looking at statistics and when you analyze the statistics the reason for failure becomes clear. The same exact thing is true with politics and leadership - numbers don't lie.. but politicians do ... especially democrat's in 2012! Take a look at the economic numbers and it is clear there is not going to be any recovery unless a reverse course occurs. Tax rates are set to sky rocket under Obama with Obamacare and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts. Higher taxes on small business translates to more layoffs - not more hiring. Pretty simple for anyone actually paying attention. Cut out the hype and the misinformation and what are you left with? The Obama economic plan for 2013. More taxes - more borrowing and more unemployment!! Not my numbers - the CBO's numbers and Numbers Don't Lie!!! Obama does!

  • Bebyebe UUU, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 9:00 p.m.

    Romney has lots of cliches and not many detailed policies. Tell me more. Release your taxes like your dad did.

  • 1aggie SALT LAKE CITY, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 8:29 p.m.

    @Joan Watson

    I find it ironic that you repeatedly call me "L" aggie (rather than "1" aggie) and then question my eyesight.

    In my post, I specifically addressed 401K holders (not people who have lost money via "other" investments), so naturally I would expect since you addressed me, you would be responding to my post (about 401K plans). You see, when somebody addresses somebody else in a post, it is customary to respond to the topic raised. If you want to raise another topic, it would be more appropriate to address everybody.

    I note that nobody has responded that they are worse-off in their (responsible) 401K investments since Obama took the helm. Responsible President plus responsible investors = success.

  • Hutterite American Fork, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 6:41 p.m.

    Keep 'em scared, 'mitt.

  • Joan Watson TWIN FALLS, ID
    Sept. 1, 2012 6:23 p.m.

    Laggie - PS where in my post did you read of a 401K plan? I hope you have a seeing eyed investment broker.

  • Lehicoug Lehi, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 6:17 p.m.

    @ Justme

    I have voted Democrat, Green, Independent, and Republican over the years. My political views have evolved as I have grown from a know-it-all 18 year old to a 40 something father of three making twenty grand less than I did four years ago. I am not following "talking points". I'm just telling you what I am feeling. If you want to discount what my experience is with regards to my pocket book and how things are for millions of people across the country go ahead and cast me aside. But what I will tell you with a straight face is that I cannot afford things to get worse. I'm happy you have bounced back from adversity. I haven't got a check in the mail from Obama yet; trickle down government doesn't seem to be working for me.

  • Joan Watson TWIN FALLS, ID
    Sept. 1, 2012 4:55 p.m.

    Laggie - how interesting that you challenge a republican to be honest. One certainly hopes at least there are some honest republicans and democrts. How about a 2/3 loss in ones lifes savings all invested in perfered stock after the US government called in invested bonds? One doesn't expect SS to go broke, but in case it does there will be many people in deep trouble. As for the housing debacle, look no further than fannie and freddie. And for your info - ones loss will not be made up in ones lifetime = a marvelous drop in monthly income. You must be doing financialy well - if so, good for you. The realization is that many are not doing well.

  • justme001 Salt Lake, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 2:43 p.m.


    Not sure if you have not paid attention to your insurance premiums before, but I have to say mine have gone up every year I have worked (and that is quite some time). My salary has fluctuated due to a move to a different state, and being laid off, but each time bounced back.
    The rest of your bill will continue to increase each year no matter who is in office, just as they have done in the past.
    Can you honestly say that you are in a worse situation now then you were in the last year of Bush's presidency, or are you just falling for the GOP talking point and not really looking at the big picture?

  • The Rock Federal Way, WA
    Sept. 1, 2012 2:12 p.m.

    As I see it; the nation is headed for a fiscal cliff and Obama and the Democrats have their foot on the accelerator. The Republicans want to put the brakes on.

    Democrats either don't see the cliff, don't believe it is there or... (I can't go there.)

    The difference could not be more stark.

  • Lehicoug Lehi, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 2:10 p.m.

    Obama said himself if the economy didn't rebound in three years he would be a one term president. With smoke and mirrors they can try and distort this "recovery" but the truth is everyone I know is struggling to combat the effects of this stagnant economy; it's become personal. Since 2008 my health insurance premiums have doubled, my salary has not improved, my power bill is more expensive. So personally I am feeling it for the first time in my twenty plus years of working. Supporting my family has truly become a struggle. Mr. Geithner has said the Administration has no plan; just that they hate Ryan's. All I know is that if my family is a microcosm of what is going on in America, Obama is in trouble-or should be. Heaven help those that will blindly follow the President just because he's a Democrat.

  • Doug10 Roosevelt, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 1:49 p.m.

    Mitt Romney is a wonderful person as his is wife and family. If it were just about the two men I would vote for Mitt.

    However being president takes more than what he has shown so far. His finance plan is according to the tax office in Washington DC is going to increase the debt by 2.1 trillion dollars. His intellectual head of the party Mr. Ryan even tells us it will take 3 decades to balance the budget. I am not sure about your bank but mine would have a problem with those figures.

    Mr. Romneys trip to see the Olympics and visit some foreign countries was nothing short of a debacle. Acting nice is not enough.

    Now Mr Romney says he has a plan to put people back to work. Has he been hiding it for 4 years while the country struggles? In June Orrin Hatch said the party did not have a plan to put people back to work, so where did it come from?

    Show us you are willing to step up past the status quo, until then you are one of many voices instead of the one.

  • Furry1993 Clearfield, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 1:17 p.m.

    If Mitt has his way, we'll go right back to the programs and policies that caused the problem in the first place. That is NOT what the country needs.

    I really wonder how much better off we would have been if those on the far right had actually WORKED to make thing better instead of just trying to block everything the President proposed. The far right was too busy trying to make the President fail, and spent no time working for the country's welfare. Sad.

  • Joan Watson TWIN FALLS, ID
    Sept. 1, 2012 12:07 p.m.

    One has wrapped oneself as a cocoon - warm and snug - dreaming all is well.

  • What in Tucket? Provo, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 12:06 p.m.

    The real estate debacle was caused by Carter, Clinton, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd abetted by Reid and Polosi. They are the ones who pushed for easy mortgages. Bush even went to Congress over 10 times to stop it, but Frank said no. So don't put it all on the Republicans. Moreover if the Democrats were so concerned about our financial mess why didn't they start working on it in 2006 when they took over Congress? We have a lot more to worry about than a $16 trillion national debt. We have Medicare and Medicaid, and Social Security obligations of $50 trillion or more. Unless we get our economy moving again and fast we are in trouble. Believe it.

  • 1aggie SALT LAKE CITY, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 11:57 a.m.

    I would like any honest Republican (if there is still such a thing) with a job to tell whether the value of your 401k plan has increased or decreased since Obama took office, and by what percent. The job situation needs to improve to be sure, but the economy has come back from the brink. The stock market reflects the optimism or pessimism of objective investors who put their money where there mouths are. The Dow was in the 7,900's when Obama took office and it is now above 13,000.

  • one old man Ogden, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 11:52 a.m.

    A1994, no, if Romney wins and things somehow actually change, I'll be out there leading the cheering.

    But I really don't think it will be necessary.

  • christoph Brigham City, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 11:23 a.m.

    I will vote for Mr. Romney; however, I do know the stock market has doubled since March 2009 lows, and 90 percent of working adults are working (we hear often of unemployment rate-----what of the employment rate??? it is pretty good) ; yet things can improve a lot; I do think Mr. Obama has been successful and most Americans like him personally; however, second terms are full of disappointment, Willard M. Romney would bring a breath of fresh air as president. Mr. Obama is a good person, yet in my view his party is corrupt with few ideas, cynical and moving towards secularism and ignoring community and family as the answers to life. People who have faith in principle are generally nicer than those who worship university prestige and power and Hollywood and art and science.

  • A1994 Centerville, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 11:21 a.m.

    @one old man

    You sound like your trying to convince yourself more than anyone else. When Romney is elected this November and the economy rebounds, people like you will tell us it was just a delayed reaction to Barack Obama's policies. No nation has ever taxed and spent itself into prosperity.

  • Republicantthinkstraigh Anywhere but, Utah, Utah
    Sept. 1, 2012 11:12 a.m.

    Well said.

  • one old man Ogden, UT
    Sept. 1, 2012 10:50 a.m.

    But they certainly are reluctant to let us know exactly who is responsible for putting us at the brink.

    To learn the truth, try Googling such things as "Policy Differences Under Two Presidents" to learn how much of today's debt increases are a direct result of policies initiated under the administration of President Cheney and his little friend.

    Or locate the Wall Street Journal article "The Obama Spending Spree That Never Happened" to learn even more about how the debt we face now stems from the time of St. Ronald the Reagan.

    There are many, many more if one makes an effort to find them and the truth.

    So much for GOP truthfulness.