Hurricane Isaac brings higher gas prices

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  • Baron Scarpia Logan, UT
    Aug. 30, 2012 5:54 a.m.

    Once again, we're faced with the reality of our dependence on fossil fuels -- a problem that will continue under Romney's "Burn, Baby, Burn" energy plan.

    With every hurricane, political upheaval, fire of a refining plant, oil spill, gas explosion, Japanese nuclear disaster, royal hick up in the Mideast -- gasoline prices take a spike upward. The yo-yo prices of gasoline create constant risk in America's economic system.

    The price of wind at Milford and Spanish Fork? The price of geothermal from Rocky Mountain Power's units? The price of solar on IKEA's rooftop? All stable... boring... yawn...

    Regardless of your belief in climate change or if pollution is caused by "man" or "mother nature" -- two ongoing debates here in Utah -- there's no debate about the price stability of renewable energy, and increasing amounts of it in a diversified portfolio of energy for Utahns means more stabilized costs for everyone.

    I see that two of my neighbors have purchased Chevy Volts -- they are now able to benefit from more stable electricity prices for their transportation and will be shielded from escalating gasoline prices in the coming months (and years). I congratulate them.