Robert Bennett: Low bounce forecast for Republican National Convention

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  • liberal larry salt lake City, utah
    Aug. 27, 2012 6:36 p.m.

    I don't where Mr. Bennett is getting his information, but the American Presidency Project published their findings on the "convention bounce", and it looks to me that the bounces are erratic on the Democratic side, but show a very consistent pattern of a about a 5 points for Republicans over the last 12 elections! George Bush got an 8 point bounce after his 2000 convention, and John McCain received a 6 point bounce after his convention in 2008. Maybe Mr. Bennett is looking at a different source of information?

  • DVD Taylorsville, 00
    Aug. 27, 2012 9:12 a.m.

    Baron, that lack of inclusiveness is a big point. There's also the challenge of overcoming the primary's scars. So many things were made headline news because of candidates that were taking positions that strongly pushed away anyone that wasn't white, male or well-off, and those haven't healed yet. The fright that the extremists have induced is going to be a burden in November. Romney himself would not generally be a problem, but the baggage train that was set up last year could be for anyone undecided at this point.

  • Baron Scarpia Logan, UT
    Aug. 27, 2012 6:07 a.m.

    We keep seeing Romney play to his right as if he's still in the primaries, but he should have been pushing toward the center weeks ago. It is almost like he's playing the GOP House playbook of simply opposing anything Obama is for -- may work in stopping Team Obama from getting any legislature passed, but it doesn't work when you're running for President. He's got their vote already!

    As Obama has moved to the center (continuing Bush tax cuts for middle class, employment bill, low interest rates for student loans, etc.), it's forced Romney to take extreme positions on the right that will not be acceptable to middle America -- from more "burn, baby, burn" energy plan to a VP pick that signals massive austerity (not working in Europe) and radical changes in Medicare to hard line on abortion (social issues that the GOP rarely win on). Where's the "Big Tent" Reagan strategy?

    In short, Romney has not provided a narrative on his vision for fixing America and helping the middle class. I'll be looking for that this week!