Dick Harmon: Mark Weber distances BYU OL from 'hog badge'

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  • Proud Ute ,
    Aug. 14, 2012 4:45 p.m.

    I feel bad for Matt Reynolds. I think he could have benefitted from this and had a better senior year had it been in place earlier.

  • Florwood American Fork, UT
    Aug. 14, 2012 12:10 p.m.

    Like DC, I wondered--Weber never liked the hog approach, but he did nothing until Mendenhall and Doman told him to? If Harmon's writing is accurate (always a question), it shows a decided lack of leadership.

  • Sneaky Jimmy Bay Area, CA
    Aug. 14, 2012 11:06 a.m.

    When the 49ers had a dynasty their O-line was light, strong and agile. They knew how to pass block and could get outside fast on a sweep. I've wondered why the philosophy changed.

  • UncleArtie Brigham City, UT
    Aug. 14, 2012 10:00 a.m.

    The last time BYU had a really good team - top 5 ranking and Cotton Bowl victory - the offensive line was called 'the flat bellies.'

    Shortly thereafter, the 'hogs' arrived. I do not know who brought them or why, but it was a serious move in the wrong direction. Every year since Bronco has been head coach, he has done something intended to get the program to a higher level. This latest move is definitely in the right direction.

  • Ernest T. Bass Bountiful, UT
    Aug. 14, 2012 8:07 a.m.

    The bigger they are, the better they are. They are too small right now.

  • Hellooo Salt Lake City, UT
    Aug. 14, 2012 7:26 a.m.

    If lighter mean better line play that would be great. Because the offensive line play for the last several years has not been stellar.

  • DC Alexandria, VA
    Aug. 14, 2012 6:57 a.m.

    So Weber has never liked the linemen being called hogs, and he never liked that they were so big, yet he did absolutely nothing about it for years?