Utah Blaze's title hopes dashed

Arizona rallies back from 9 points down to advance to ArenaBowl

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  • notafanofbigcats Murray, UT
    Aug. 5, 2012 12:23 a.m.

    Few people from the this state were probably watching the game, nor could even care about the outcome, but yet another choke job, by a team from our state. :-( Up by 2, first-and-goal, inside the opponent's 5 yard-line, less than 40 seconds left, opponent with only 2 timeouts remaining... do the Blaze run the ball, and try to run out the clock? Oh no, they do the 'logical' thing and pass it 4 straight times, with the 4th being an interception? Absolutely the worst end-of-game management I've seen in a while, especially with so much on-the-line. Sometimes I wonder if any team from this state, with 'Utah' in its name, will ever win a championship in the modern era? Not the Jazz, Utes, Aggies, T-Birds, Blaze, or the Grizzlies. It's an absolute joke, and an absolute curse. 'Utah' teams always choke. :-( Also, the Blaze cannot beat AZ in the playoffs. 0-3 all-time. In sum, why do we continue rooting for the perennial 'brides-maids' teams we have here? I will likely die, before a 'Utah' team wins a meaningful 'national title.' Run the ball next time Blaze!