Running back Josh Quezada to transfer from BYU

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  • The Rock Federal Way, WA
    July 24, 2012 1:53 p.m.

    Josh had a brother pass away last year. Maybe he just feels the need to be closer to his family. I know I would.

  • atl134 Salt Lake City, UT
    July 23, 2012 3:11 p.m.

    @Tom in CA
    "The 2013 Cougar SOS is much stronger than most other programs including yours."

    I wouldn't say "including yours" but I'll say that it's a quality schedule. The biggest question mark is that we just don't know how good Boise and Houston will be without their departing QBs, whether Stanford or Oregon will still be elite, or if any of the other schools on either teams schedule will step up and become a great team. Basically it's too premature to say whose schedule is tougher in 2013. Safe guess is that they're fairly equivalent in difficulty.

  • USAlover Salt Lake City, UT
    July 23, 2012 10:29 a.m.

    Josh was my son's dorm advisor for camp this summer. My son said Josh was the best thing about his experience at bball camp. We waited an extra hour on the last day so my son could give him a hug.

    Good dude. Wishing you all the best bro.

  • CougFaninTX Frisco, TX
    July 22, 2012 10:24 p.m.

    @utahcountyute - "And I thought the U bball team was bad."

    No thinking required, they are bad. But what does that have to do with this article?

    There is no doubt that Josh will be missed. He and Alisa would have made a nice 1 - 2 combo. Hopefully, Alisa will stay healthy and one of the young backs will step up. I have to admit, I'm very excited to see what Adam Hine can do. It feels like I've been waiting for his debut for five years since he fist committed in high school. I thought he would have a limited role behind Alisa and Juice, but this could thrust him into the spotlight.

  • Billy Budd Saint George, UT
    July 22, 2012 2:51 p.m.

    Many players "decide" to leave programs over playing time or academic issues etc., but it seems few actually follow through.
    120 FBS teams X 85 scholarships = 10,200.
    Out of approx. 10,200 players, how many actually transfer?
    3 to 5%?
    Whatever the number, it's especially disconcerting, at least for fans, when the transfering player has never been/had a problem not to mention the fact that he has been a bona fide producer/contributor, even when playing through nagging injuries.
    1 of the 4 mentioned replacements will have to step-up.
    Good luck to Juice as he moves forward with his life.

  • TheTruth801 SLC, UT
    July 22, 2012 10:54 a.m.

    I don't understand people who say non-LDS kids can't fit in in Provo. I graduated from the USAFA and there were people who dropped out who father was a high ranking officer and lived on Air Force bases all of their lives. I also knew Cadets, some from the inner city, who had no one in their family in the military who not only graduated but are still serving in the USAF to this day. To stay a person leaves Provo simply because they are not LDS is silly. When a athlete or a student leaves a college, it is a very difficult decision. Some people need to stop judging this guy and move on. There have been several failures at BYU that are LDS.

  • CougarOnTheProwl Murray, UT
    July 21, 2012 8:19 p.m.

    Too bad that it didnt work out but good luck to you Josh where ever you go.

  • just-a-fan Bountiful, UT
    July 21, 2012 6:26 p.m.

    Good luck young man. May your future be bright.

  • Tom in CA Vallejo, CA
    July 21, 2012 6:06 p.m.

    Chris B:

    How can you look at the BYU 2013 schedule, and say it's a WAC schedule. The 2013 Cougar SOS is much stronger than most other programs including yours. Grow up dude.

  • Floyd Johnson Broken Arrow, OK
    July 21, 2012 2:08 p.m.

    Josh: Thank you for your years at BYU. We respect your abilities and your character. We will continue to be your fans, and we all hope that you are able to find what you are looking for.

    Cougar Nation

  • hymn to the silent Holladay, UT
    July 21, 2012 1:19 p.m.

    From a U fan: Good luck to a good young man, he is, afterall, a kid. Hope he finds what he is looking for and makes his life for and dedicates that to his brother.

  • utahcountyute Cedar Hills, UT
    July 21, 2012 12:51 p.m.

    And I thought the U bball team was bad.

    Good luck Josh.

  • Henry Drummond San Jose, CA
    July 21, 2012 12:30 p.m.

    Its a surprising development, but I wish Josh well. Keep us informed of where he ends up.

  • gbo Draper, UT
    July 21, 2012 11:48 a.m.

    Good luck Josh. The Cougars will miss you. God bless you and your family.

    July 21, 2012 11:38 a.m.

    CougarBlue, my "negative attitude" is not any towards the player but for the vast number of fans on each side who feel that because they've read every bio and newspaper article about somebody they actually know them, when of course they don't.

  • Duckhunted highland, utah
    July 21, 2012 10:57 a.m.

    I would be so happy if Van Noy was playing for Utah , but did all the Cougars forget he was arrested and booked as underage and DUI,So thats why he red-shirted...I would like someone like the coach or AD say yes he had a problem and this is what he did..I am fairly sure what he did is an honor code i guess until u sign on the dotted line you can do anything?

  • Duckhunted highland, utah
    July 21, 2012 10:45 a.m.

    jp skillet
    Chris B is in no way a Utah fan..I really think his loss will affect BYU...I would not be surprised to see him go to a lesser team near his family....good luck Q ur a classy person!!

  • CougarBlue Heber City, UT
    July 21, 2012 9:05 a.m.

    StG2SLC. You already expressed your negative attitude by your statement, so why should we go down your lower road.

  • indycrimson Franklin, IN
    July 21, 2012 8:53 a.m.

    It has to be a family decision. No athlete as good as this kid is would give up the chance to play in the Pocatello Dome and three solid weekends in November against TBD teams!

    Chalk it up to family...

  • JP Skillet Murray, UT
    July 21, 2012 8:32 a.m.

    He was an important back. Second on the team in carries. I wonder why he would leave. I doubt it's because of playing time. Kids leave programs for a variety of reasons. We forget that these are human beings. What about someone who leaves a great, high paying job or someone who ends a relationship that seems perfect. Give him a break Utah fans. Especially Chris B. you're acting like a high school trash talker. get it together would ya. Yeah, the jokes about byu having a high sense of self worth despite WAC schedule and program that has struggled to make an impact, those are not for this blog

  • sammyg Springville, UT
    July 21, 2012 8:03 a.m.


    No need to apologize. I understand.

    Just need to remind people that there's a 'difference'. I see that you recognized it.

    July 21, 2012 8:02 a.m.

    The young man recently lost a brother and something wasn't a fit in Provo (otherwise why wouldn't he just sit out a year and not transfer?). Hopefully he can take some time to be with his family and then find a different school and play his junior and senior seasons. Good luck to Josh.

  • CougFaninTX Frisco, TX
    July 21, 2012 7:23 a.m.

    @motorbike - thank you for acknowledging that cb does not represent the majority of Ute fans. I appreciate the banter that goes back and forth as much of the next guy, but comments like hers are way over the line.

  • Joey K Sandy, UT
    July 21, 2012 7:14 a.m.

    This is sad, but it may be a sign of a deeper trend. 4 of the 5 players who have transferred from the 2010 recruiting class were non-LDS. How many non-LDS players can really stick it out in Provo for four years? Bronco recruits them and many suggest he downplays the honor code and how strict it is when recruiting non-Mormons. He also sanctimoniously says that going to BYU will make them a "better person" compared to going to other universities. I'm not suggesting that Josh left because of the honor code, but I do think he made the wrong decision 2 years ago when he selected BYU out of High School. Bronco, time to start telling recruits the truth.

  • Duckhunted highland, utah
    July 21, 2012 4:15 a.m.

    If Josh left to be with his family thats fine..most of us grieve for a loved one for a while!! But then we decide we need to go back to work and carry on. I think that Josh and Bronco didn't get along. I don't think Q ever got along in Provo,,,just my opinion!! I really think this hurts BYU not having that outside threat!!

  • SLCWatch Salt Lake City, UT
    July 21, 2012 2:13 a.m.

    I have been very impressed with this young man and how he has dealt with difficult times in his life. No actual information is available as to why he is making his decision. What ever it is I respect his choice as his and wish him all the best he can have in his life.
    I get to see some of the games this year and was really looking forward to the "Juice". But I will acknowledge that he is in school for him and not my benefit and if this helps what ever he is going through then I am supportive.
    God Bless you and keep you.
    A Cougar fan

  • U 90 Corona, CA
    July 21, 2012 1:02 a.m.

    Chris, Do you have any original thoughts.... because the one you make in this thread is the same tired one you've made 50 times already. BYU has plenty of athletes.... Hoffman, Apo, Nelson, Van Noy, Chambers, Sorenson and Hill are just a few of the quality athletes I'd like to see wearing red.


    sammyg, Sorry I hurt your feelings. If you're gonna say ridiculous stuff, expect to get called out.

  • Cougar Passion Salt Lake City, UT
    July 21, 2012 12:53 a.m.

    I'm not terribly surprised at this. He's not LDS so there could easily be discomfort issues with the school or fellow students--just as most LDS would not be entirely comfortable at Baylor or Notre Dame--his contributions to the team were going down for reasons we don't completely know, and his brother died. That would not be a good combination for anybody. I hope he finds a better fit somewhere. San Diego State, perhaps?

  • Duckhunted highland, utah
    July 21, 2012 12:48 a.m.

    This is all part of Roscoe's master plan!! Now everyone can play their natural position. Alisa at FB because he can block, but not catch passes and runs a 6.58 forty. Lark can now play QB, because he can pass, but fumbles his clipboard. Nelson can be the HB, because he can run , but can't pass. The last genius piece of the puzzle is convincing Van Noy he will be our starting tight end. Can you say National Championship?

  • Cougar Claws Lindon, UT
    July 20, 2012 11:13 p.m.

    In retrospect to my first comments, I apologize if I came off as being short-sighted. Maybe he needs to help his family, and if that's what it is about, then I apologize. Bronco gets a lot of flak for saying that there should be higher priorities in life than football. For the vast majority of people who live in reality, there are many things that should be much higher priorities than football, and Bronco isn't wrong about that.

  • Proud Ute ,
    July 20, 2012 9:55 p.m.

    No sniping or second guessing. I'm sure this was not an easy decision to make.
    Best wishes to the young man.

  • Ironhide Salt Lake City, UT
    July 20, 2012 9:20 p.m.

    A U fan with some class, well said motorbike. I imagine Chris B can't be older than 14 with the maturity he displays. I know the Y has some commentors that are in the same boat. It's pretty weak.

    I hope the best for you Josh.

  • Professor Reno Reno/Washoe, NV
    July 20, 2012 9:20 p.m.

    Too bad. I was really looking forward to Juice and Alisa lining up together.

    Best of luck, Juice.

  • 54-10 Salt Lake City, UT
    July 20, 2012 8:46 p.m.

    Hang in there Josh. Good luck wherever you go.

  • motorbike Cottonwood Heights, UT
    July 20, 2012 8:39 p.m.

    Learn when to let up Chris B.

    Sorry Juice and Y fans ... Chris B does NOT represent how the majority of U fans really think and act.

  • Utah'95 FPO, AE
    July 20, 2012 7:59 p.m.

    Good luck, Josh. I hope things work out well for you and your grieving family.

  • staypuffinpc Provo, UT
    July 20, 2012 7:54 p.m.

    Folks, look at this for what it is; he has mentioned nothing about football and everything about his family situation. He talks to his siblings every day and is a good big brother looking out for them. They may be having a hard time and he may be,too. Chris B., grow up and show a little bit of sensitivity. Your constant gloating is a poor representation of most Ute fans that I know.

  • sammyg Springville, UT
    July 20, 2012 7:39 p.m.

    U 90

    And you whine about my comments?

    Good luck to you 'Juice', appreciated your contributions to BYU.

  • Cougar Claws Lindon, UT
    July 20, 2012 7:12 p.m.

    What? wasn't he was supposed to be an important part of this year's one-two punch out of the backfield? I wish I knew the details behind him leaving.

    I remember coaches raving about how great of a fit he was for BYU and he even talked about how much he liked it here. I'm not judging, I know he's had some difficult things happen in his family, but just like Jake Heaps, what does he expect to gain from transferring? Does he think he will be a starter somewhere else? I don't know, I'm just asking.

    I don't want to accuse him of being selfish but moves like this sometimes come across as a not-team-first type of a move. JJ DiLuigi struggled with wanting to transfer early in his career and he was never really granted the "starting" nod, but JJ showed he was a team guy by sticking out his career here and doing the very best with what he was given. I really thought that Juice was going to be the same type of a guy, but . . . maybe I was wrong. Hopefully Adam Hine/Jamaal Williams fill in.

  • catram North Las Vegas, NV
    July 20, 2012 6:57 p.m.

    Bummer! Good luck Juice!

  • Y Grad / Y Dad Richland, WA
    July 20, 2012 6:44 p.m.

    Josh, God bless in your future endeavors.

  • Wookie Omaha, NE
    July 20, 2012 6:25 p.m.

    Godspeed Josh!

    Before you go off and leave some contentious statement, remember who you are and what you represent.

    Go UTES!!

  • BigCougFan Cottonwood Heights, UT
    July 20, 2012 6:23 p.m.

    In April he dedicated this season to his brother, who died in an accident last year.. and then 4 months later he quits. I think he's having some troubles dealing with life right now. Best of luck to Josh.. wherever he goes.

    July 20, 2012 6:21 p.m.

    Y/U fans, insert unfounded character/academic assumption here: _____________.

  • BlueCoug Orem, UT
    July 20, 2012 6:04 p.m.

    It's sad to see you leaving the program, but we wish you well wherever you go Josh.

    You've been a great example during your time here at BYU!

  • BYU_Aggie LOGAN, UT
    July 20, 2012 6:01 p.m.

    Another future Kansas starter?

    Best of luck to him though - I was really excited to see him come out of HS, and I thought for sure he would make a big splash at the Y. I guess it wasn't in the cards.

  • JP Skillet Murray, UT
    July 20, 2012 5:57 p.m.

    Let the speculation begin

  • nothegame Saratoga Springs, UT
    July 20, 2012 5:44 p.m.

    Can u give us somemore insite on this like why, What happened?

  • motorbike Cottonwood Heights, UT
    July 20, 2012 5:37 p.m.

    "...decided to transfer..."??? - or was he nudged out the door to free up a scholarship?

    Just an honest question, and I'm not passing judgement as it can be the best thing for the student athlete depending on his/her goals.

  • Downtownchrisbrown ,
    July 20, 2012 5:37 p.m.

    Was he losing his starting job, or what was going on?