Penn State one example of bigger college problems

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  • brs27 Beaver, UT
    July 19, 2012 9:42 a.m.

    Avid fan that I am, I must still agree with the bulk of these assertions. I sincerely hope a way can be found to make the game safer. As a parent I've had to face this reality as my sons mature. I've struggled with my personally inconsistent position of loving the game but hoping that my sons lack either the desire or the skill to participate. I've occasionally read opinions that speculate on the possibility that removing pads and facemasks might encourage more humane and wise behavior. I think it's an interesting idea, however there will always be those who act with blatant disregard. I'm not familiar with any data from rugby, but it might provide some insight. We all know the game is growing more vicious; I wonder if this is how the Romans ended up cheering over human death matches? On an unrelated note, the comparison of graduation rates is a commen theme, but one I think is unfair and misrepresented. Many players would not attend school at all if they couldn't play. For an accurate comparison we'd have to focus on just those who would be in school anyway.