Salt Lake Bees: Broadcaster Steve Klauke hits milestone as Bees win

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  • Rich Burk Hillsboro, OR
    April 24, 2012 11:50 a.m.

    Great article on Bees' broadcaster Steve Klauke. But Steve was wrong about one thing: he is not "a minor leaguer going to the park every day." Steve Klauke is a big-leaguer who just happens to be working a Triple-A job.

    I worked alongside Steve for 10 seasons as I called Portland Beaver games in the PCL, and I would frequently listen to our division rivals when the games didn't overlap. Click around on any game night and you'll see: Steve is as good as just about anyone in the major leagues, and better than most. And if he were in Boston, New York, Chicago or L.A., he would be widely regarded as one of the best. (He has one major flaw: he loves the D.H. "It keeps my scorecard clean," he says.)

    The people of Salt Lake City are lucky to have Steve Klauke to fill their summer evenings. But let's hope you won't have him for long -- let's hope the Angels, or another big-league club, comes to their senses and puts Steve where he belongs: in the major leagues.

    -- Rich Burk
    Hillsboro, Oregon