Johnson, longtime girlfriend to tie knot

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  • xert Santa Monica, CA
    April 18, 2012 6:59 a.m.

    Forget this guys handsome mug! Show a picture of Ashley!

  • Qurtyslyn Centerville, Utah
    April 17, 2012 6:10 p.m.


    Worked with Ashley for a while, she's awesome. Good for her that she's finally getting married!

  • roughd Draper, UT
    April 17, 2012 11:04 a.m.

    Well crud, had high hope for BJ as OC, down the tubes now! Just kidding! Congrats!

  • Magna Ute Fan Magna, UT
    April 17, 2012 6:12 a.m.

    Congratulations to Brian and the Mrs!

    April 16, 2012 8:47 p.m.

    @ Duggity.
    I met him once playing basketball up here at the U. As you said, nice dude, down to earth, competitive as can be. Wish him a happy wedding and an even happier future here in Utah, may he stay here long and become the next Norm Chow (with hopefully a head coaching job coming much sooner than his mid 60's)

  • duggity Bountiful, UT
    April 16, 2012 6:54 p.m.

    Talked to them both for a while at a local Cafe Rio and she seemed like a very nice woman. He was very down to Earth and seemed genuinely pleased when I told him he is my sons favorite all time Utah player and coach. Congrats to both of you. (On the unlikely chance that you would actually read the comments here)

  • AntelopeValleyUte Palmdale, CA
    April 16, 2012 5:26 p.m.

    Congrats to the youngest OC in college football history! The Utes continue making history. First BCS busters, first to bust the BCS twice, one of two schools to join the new PAC-12 conference, and hired the youngest OC in college football history. What other positive moves can the Utes make history in?!?!?! Go UTES!

  • Chris B Salt Lake City, UT
    April 16, 2012 3:43 p.m.

    Congratulations! Now we dont have to worry about the Honor Code police arresting him for having a girlfriend. Oh wait, we never did!