Elder Harold G. Hillam dies at 77

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  • New to Utah PAYSON, UT
    March 30, 2012 2:19 p.m.

    He was my stake president when I got married. I moved to Oregon and he was called as the temple president of the Boise Idaho Temple which was our temple.Our lives have intersected for decades.
    He was a truly inspirational missionary, mission president and temple president along with being a member of the seventy. His wife Carol and children were true gems.

  • Voice of Reason Layton, UT
    March 30, 2012 11:35 a.m.

    The world is lesser for his passing, but greater for his having lived. I was a young missionary in the Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission when he was the Brazil Area President and spoke to us at a Mission Conference. His words helped me to have the strength to get through that difficult first few months in the mission field. I also remember chatting with his young pre-teen son in the Mission Home during a break, enjoying the chance to speak a little English.
    God be with you til we meet again.

  • danbell23 North salt lake, UT
    March 30, 2012 11:15 a.m.

    My Dear Uncle. I will always remember the time we have spent. I cannot express how wonderful it was to have you be the one who married my wife and I in the temple. It's a pretty rare thing to have, and I know you made special arrangements to do it. Thank you for your sacrifices and love. I cannot wait to see the family and be there on Monday for your funeral.
    Till we meet....

  • NDM Vienna, Austria
    March 30, 2012 8:51 a.m.

    Elder Hillam was our Area President in England. I found him an unusually genuine man, utterly without guile, airs or pretension. When we figured out that my mother's cousin had been his favorite schoolteacher, he got all excited and ever after he would treat me like some kind of celebrity. The more time I spent around him, the harder it was for me to imagine him ever out of sorts, let alone unkind. The world is a poorer place for this supremely gracious man's passing.

  • GD Syracuse, UT
    March 30, 2012 8:23 a.m.

    I sat in his homecoming from his mission. I still remember the spirit with which he spoke and at that moment had an increased desire to serve a mission. I was 16 at the time. I will always be grateful to him for that experience. His brother Arnold and sister Gaye were good friends. A great family. Thank you Elder Hillam for an exemplary life.

  • Anonymous100 Anywhere, UT
    March 29, 2012 5:37 p.m.

    This was a great man. I remember a tired and discouraged full-time missionary who was assigned to the Idaho Falls South Stake when then-President Hillam was the stake president. The team teacher (aka split) seeing the missionary's discouragement dropped in on the Hillams who graciously opened their hearts and home. The missionary poured out his heart to President Hillam who listened patiently and lovingly and then dispensed life-altering advice. When I left the Hillam home that evening, I felt like I had just walked out of the temple which, in a way, I had. I had literally sat at the feet of a man of God. Rest in Peace, Elder Hillam. And thank you for taking the time to listen to me that night. I've never forgotten it and you'll never know how much you impacted my life. Condolences to the Hillam family.

  • Granny Annie Buffalo, IA
    March 29, 2012 1:01 p.m.

    The headline reads, "Elder Harold G. Hillam dies at 77." If he was born Sept. 1, 1935, as stated in the article, then he was actually 76, not 77 (my father's age)... Just FYI...

    Eldongr if you look a bit closer, you will notice it says he was born in 1934 not 1935. So he would have turned 78 this year.

  • ed in atl Duluth, GA
    March 29, 2012 11:19 a.m.

    Our sympathies are with you Mark & Becky and your family from the Johns Creek ward

  • AveragePerson WEST JORDAN, UT
    March 29, 2012 8:52 a.m.

    He was "President Hillam" to me as he was the stake president while I was a youth. He is a great man and will be greatly missed. For all he did for the church, I also saw him as a great family man, too.

  • bikeboy Boise, ID
    March 29, 2012 8:36 a.m.

    He blessed my life as the president of "my" (Boise, Idaho) temple. On several occasions I attended baptistry sessions with our ward youth and he'd often come in and spend a few minutes with them, bearing his testimony and trying to impress on their young minds the significance of the work they were doing. I hope he made HALF the impression on them, as he did on me.

    Condolences to his family and loved ones, but I'm sure they're blessed with an eternal perspective.

  • EnglishAlan Rugeley, Staffs
    March 29, 2012 5:50 a.m.

    The world is a much lesser place for the passing of Elder Harold Hillam. I work at the LDS Church Office in England, and got to know Elder Hillam, who was the Area President in the same office building.

    On one occasion I was struggling to start my car, and Elder Hillam saw me. He walked over, tinkered under the hood, and simply said, "Try her now." I did so, and my car started straight away. As he was wearing a business suit he could quite easily have walked on by. The measure of the man was that, like the Good Samaritan in the Parable, he did what was necessary to help one in need. Thank-you Elder Hillam, for being all that a true Servant of the Lord should be.

  • eldongr South Jordan, UT
    March 28, 2012 4:33 p.m.

    The headline reads, "Elder Harold G. Hillam dies at 77." If he was born Sept. 1, 1935, as stated in the article, then he was actually 76, not 77 (my father's age)... Just FYI...