Utah Utes football: Linebacker V.J. Fehoko 'thirsty' for the season ahead

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  • AntelopeValleyUte Palmdale, CA
    March 26, 2012 3:51 p.m.

    It is good to hear Spring practice has been competitive and exciting. However, the true test will come after Spring and Fall camps, in the regular season. If the Utes can play with the kind of intensity and hunger they have been displaying thus far in Spring ball, this upcoming season will be very exciting. Some of the new recruits haven't even shown up yet! Go UTES!

    March 25, 2012 8:39 a.m.

    @Utes Fan,: good to hear, thanks for the update. The linebackers were one of the two biggest concerns going into camp (behind the OL)but if they keep up this tempo and learning drive, they should be fine.

    As for the QB's, even better. Both freshman are talented, and I actually liked Hays last year. I thought he didn't do so great more because lack of experience and practice time, but by the Sun Bowl, he really developped. You've gotta like how one of last year's weaknesses are now one of this year's strengths.

  • xert Santa Monica, CA
    March 25, 2012 3:55 a.m.

    If I were a young Ute linebacker, I would get very used to chasing down running backs and not waiting to meet them heads up. Not many will come straight at you if they have to go through Star and the Krueger bros.

  • Utes Fan Salt Lake City, UT
    March 24, 2012 10:12 p.m.

    Whew. I think it was so intense that the coaches almost passed out today," Fehoko said. "The juice, the energy was flowing."

    I watched part of the practice today and I was shocked at how intense it was. It was as if they were preparing for the PAC-12 championship game next week.

    Also, the QBs look great. The competition for backup QB will be fierce. Lots of athleticism with the freshman, and John Hays' passes looked very good.