Utah Legislature's session quiet as final days near

Some lawmakers expect lurking controversies

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  • JWB Kaysville, UT
    March 5, 2012 9:28 a.m.

    Quiet on the homefront means that there is something lurking, whether it is the GRAMA bill or the Voucher type of bill. That is when the legislature ran those things through. Thank goodness there are people such as Senators such as Pat Jones and Ross Romero. There isn't too much balance of power in the Utah government process but the Democrats provide some balance. Senator Stephenson will do anything to lambast public education and the Senate basically supports him on that front. He will do it through his taxpayers association saying the state spends too much on teachers and complain about the UEA, etc groups that help support teacher's efforts for essential salaries. He forgets that public schools in Utah are some of the best schools in the nation with teachers and administrators that also serve in callings in their churches in Utah and mothers and fathers of great kids, themselves. Utah gets so much more from their education dollar than any other place in the world. They get love, care, tenderness, thoughtfulness, and educational teachings that are prolific. The parents of these children give time, energy and their many resources to helping their children. They know the teachers care about their children. There is so much bias against public education and the Utah Legislature is one of the prime groups to do that through Howard Stephenson and he is like the battery that never stops. However, his Senate district always elects him to throw the whole state's educational system into the heap at the local dump.