BYU basketball: Third meeting with Gonzaga in less than a year carries a lot of weight

Third meeting in less than a year carries a lot of implications

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  • BigCougar Bountiful, UT
    Feb. 23, 2012 5:02 p.m.

    I like playing Gonzaga. I think they're a good matchup for us. We need DAvies and Austin to stay out of foul trouble and for Charles to have a really good game both offensively and defensively. Gonzaga looked really good in beating St Mary's a week or so ago and will be very tough to beat at home.

    We'll also need a good game from Zylstra. I was encouraged (even though it was only Santa Clara) to see Zylstra play aggressively. Problem is, the bigger the game, the more likely he is to lose his confidence and disappear. I hope he can rise above it and step up in this game. We'll need contributions from everyone.

    Last essential item is for Carlino not to do too much pointless dribbling. He needs to move the ball ahead and get others into the flow offensively. We'll have to play our best game but we can win this one if everyone contributes.

  • Riverton Cougar Riverton, UT
    Feb. 23, 2012 4:03 p.m.

    A 102-7 record in the Kennel? Wow! This is going to be a tough game. Good luck Cougars! You're going to need it. You can do it.

  • jarka-rus Layton, Utah
    Feb. 23, 2012 2:05 p.m.

    Honor code
    Sorry you have nobody to sit by at the runnin ute games this year. But maybe that new 25 yr. old OC on the hill will bring some gutsyness this fall that you can "cheer" about.

    anyhoo, This will be a very tough test for the Cougs especially with the injuries. But this is what makes college hoops so fun to watch. Games actually mean something and not just what supposed power conference you belong too and think your entitled when losing to a 2 win team. Even if the Y loses, they still aren't completely shut out of the big dance.
    Go Cougs and Dukies!!!!

  • dumprake Washington, UT
    Feb. 23, 2012 12:12 p.m.

    Nooooo. Not Musburger, he's the worst in the business at calling a game.

  • CougFaninTX Frisco, TX
    Feb. 23, 2012 9:31 a.m.

    Wow, Honor Code really surprised me with his revelation above. And all this time I thought he was a BYU fan. It's hard to believe he won't be cheering for the Cougs.

    This team has exceeded my expectations this year. I knew Hartsock and Davies would be dominant. I was a little worried about Davies during the first few games. But since WCC play has started, both have been better than advertised.

    I knew the backcourt was young and inexperienced, and would improve as the season progressed. Carlino's 30 point game last week shows how much improvement there has been. Carlino's last game against the Zags was the reason we beat them.

    The game tonight should be as good as advertised. I'm hopeful Hartsock and Carlino will not be slowed down by their injuries.

    Feb. 23, 2012 9:01 a.m.

    Yes, you will Honor Code. You have nothing to live for outside of BYU.

  • Honor Code Denver, Colorado
    Feb. 23, 2012 8:48 a.m.

    I know who I'll be cheering for tonight!!! Go Zags!

  • arod Ogden, UT
    Feb. 23, 2012 7:44 a.m.

    Nice article. "Rational" noted above is importantly very correct: Depending on the conference tie breakers it seems most likely that BYU and Gonzaga will play again next Saturday night---9 days from now---in Las Vegas in the WCC tourney. It seems to me that game may be much more winnable and every bit as important. I suspect key player Hartsock could be much more ready to go 9 days from now than he will be tonight. It may be wisest to nurse the knee tonight and let the other guys give the 'Zags their best shot tonight in the Kennel.

  • Rational Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb. 22, 2012 11:37 p.m.

    These two teams would be bracketed to play AGAIN at the conference tournament...