Mitt Romney wades into social issues in native Michigan

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  • Moracle Blackshear, GA
    Feb. 21, 2012 8:32 p.m.

    Here is what we would have with Romney in the White House:

    Romney is compassionate - (How many would close their business & take employees to another city in order to help find an employee's missing daughter, or take 10 years of their life to voluntarily serve as a Mormon Christian Bishop to administer to the needs of others?)
    Romney is good - (Why else would his family and friends love him so?)
    Romney is squeaky-clean - (That's why we don't hear trashy relationships in his past).

    Romney is expert in Business, Finance, Trade, and Turning Around Failing Organizations - (How else could he have taken an Olympics that was millions in debt, turn it around, and leave it with a $100 million surplus, or as Governor, take a state that was deeply in debt and leave it with A $2 BILLION Rainy-Day Fund, or in his personal business, make millions turning around at-risk businesses?)

    In fact, it would be fair to say:
    The fact that Romney paid a low income tax rate should convince the people of America that He knows what He's doing!

    He knows how the tax system works!
    He knows how money works!
    He knows how business works!
    He knows how the financial system works!


    He knows how the economy works!
    He knows how the market works!
    He knows how international trade works!
    He knows how to eliminate waste spending & unproductive departments & agencies.

    He knows how job creation works!
    He knows how the political system works!
    He knows how national defense works!
    He knows how the borders work!

    He knows how The Constitution of the United States of America works (he loves our Constitution and the rights and freedoms it is designed to protect and will seek to bring it back to wholeness, after being shredded by those who do not respect it!)

    America, He knows how this country works!

    And if we elect him to be President of the United States of America, together, we will show the World how it works!รข

  • Gemimi Bakersfield, CA
    Feb. 21, 2012 7:59 p.m.

    What about thoughtful, civil dialogue do you not understand?

    Why do the post censors here not know what ad hominum attacks are?

    This is like being on the grade school playground again.

    To intimate that religious persons are not reasonable is ridiculous and offensive. Go to a hate site; this isn't one.
    The founding fathers were educated, brilliant, creative, ethical and largely religious. Either contribute something on topic and intellectually valuable, or get a life elsewhere.

    Wake up the "protectors" of this site, or continue to allow it to sink into a bully site.

  • isrred Logan, UT
    Feb. 21, 2012 5:03 p.m.

    "Religion & Govt. will both exist in greater purity, the less they are mixed together."-James Madison

  • LValfre CHICAGO, IL
    Feb. 21, 2012 4:46 p.m.

    Salt Lake City, UT
    A secular agenda is the only way to protect religious freedom for everyone since the only alternative to a secular agenda is to make preference for a particular religion."

    Thank you! Love hearing that kind of talk out of Utah where it seems almost the entire state is uniform in decision-making. I feel this is probably due to the large percentage of Mormons repeating beliefs they've learned from their church.

  • Pagan Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb. 21, 2012 3:02 p.m.

    'Social issues such as contraception, abortion, etc have no effect on things like national defense... - Flashback | 2:33 p.m. Feb. 21, 2012

    You are right.

    And yet:

    ** Senate Republicans Block Defense Bill, 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Repeal' - By MATTHEW JAFFE and DEVIN DWYER - ABC News - 09/21/10

    The Republican party in the Seante voted against the ENTIRE Defense bill...

    rather than allow openly gay service in the military.

    September, 2010.

    Too long ago?

    ** Debate Crowd Booed Gay Soldier' - By Byron Wolf - ABC News - 09/23/11

    6 months ago.

    To long?

    ** Homosexuality Is a Sin: Rick Perry Tells Bisexual Teen Why He Opposes Gays in the Military' - By Buck Sexton - The Blaze - 12/19/2011

    2 months ago.

    The policy of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' cost us over 14,000 military service men & women.

    To the tune of $1.3 billion of our tax dollars. Source? Former Congressmen Patrick J. Murphy, PA.

    Social issues like this do NOT factually affect our nations defense:

    ** Pentagon study dismisses risk of openly gay troops' - By Anne Flaherty - AP - Published by DSNews - 11/30/10

    But the GOP brings them up...


  • Flashback Kearns, UT
    Feb. 21, 2012 2:33 p.m.

    Social issues such as contraception, abortion, etc have no effect on things like national defense, the economy, and entitlement programs. It's nice to talk about them but ultimately they should take second fiddle to the stuff that is really important to all of us. Jobs, defense, runaway government.

  • atl134 Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb. 21, 2012 1:36 p.m.

    A secular agenda is the only way to protect religious freedom for everyone since the only alternative to a secular agenda is to make preference for a particular religion.

  • LValfre CHICAGO, IL
    Feb. 21, 2012 12:44 p.m.

    He also said President Barack Obama has governed with "a secular agenda" that has hurt religious freedom in this country.

    - And your religious agenda is hurting freedom in this country Romney. You already pre-signed an oath against gays. What a hypocrite.


    "problem is, so many voters do not turn to reason"

    - Agreed. Many vote on emotion or find a religious connection such as the high percentage of Mormons who will vote for Romney. Then again ... if you're following religion you've given up on reason already anyways.

  • DRay Roy, UT
    Feb. 21, 2012 11:55 a.m.

    There are so many factions, so many differing oppinions about everything...many will use some statement by Mitt as reason to vote for someone else, but he's gotta just put it out there, what he stands for, and hope reasoning people will use wisdom in all...problem is, so many voters do not turn to reason, but vote on soundbites and retaining their government subsidies.

  • Pagan Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb. 21, 2012 11:44 a.m.

    At a town hall Tuesday in Michigan, the Republican presidential candidate repeatedly was asked about religious freedom, abortion, gay marriage and other topics he has largely avoided during the campaign. - ARticle

    Oh good.

    Let's talk about Romney, on social issues.


    ** Romney Maintained Massachusetts Contraception Requirement That Mirrors Obamas Rule' - By Igor Volsky - Think Progress 02/07/12

    In 2002 the very same year Romney campaigned for governor of Massachusetts the state enacted a contraceptive equity law that REQUIRED insurers that provide outpatient benefits to cover hormone replacement therapy and ALL FDA-approved contraceptive methods. - Article

    Gay rights:

    ** Mitt Romney pledges opposition to gay marriage' - CBS News - 08/04/11


    It's also notable because Romney was not always such a strong opponent of gay rights. In 1994, he sent a letter to a gay Republican group saying he would be a stronger advocate for gay rights...

    - Same Article