Romney joins rival Gingrich in the viper pit, and it's working

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  • Pagan Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 30, 2012 4:52 p.m.

    Romney was the first to strike:

    **'First Romney TV ad blasts Obama' - By Mercedes White, Deseret News - 11/22/11

    'It appears that in that instance, Obama was quoting an aide to then-2008 opponent Sen. John McCain (sic) That might be beside the point though because...' - article

    And couldn't even be bothered to get the quote from Obama...

    not, a John McCain aid.

    So to claim that Romney is now 'joining' the viper pit, is simply not true.

    He, started the viper pit.

  • Truthseeker SLO, CA
    Jan. 30, 2012 1:31 p.m.

    The reality is, Obama has not embraced the far left in the Democratic Party. But what is true is that, over the past several years, the Republican Party has moved substantially away from the center. No longer are they a "center-right" party. Norm Ornstein, a scholar at the (conservative) American Enterprise Institute stated recently:

    âOne of our two major parties (Republicans) has become an insurgent outlier-ideologically extreme, contemptuous of the inherited social and economic regime, scornful of compromise, unpersuaded by conventional understanding of the facts, evidence and science, and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition.â

    Until and unless the Republicans throw off the shackles of the extremists in their party, the U.S. will have a difficult time moving ahead.

  • Fred44 Salt Lake City, Utah
    Jan. 30, 2012 12:14 p.m.

    It is interesting to read all the "excuses" made for the guy who has an "R" by his name, when those same behaviors would be roundly criticized if these same people had a "D" next to their name. Right is right even if nobody is doing it and wrong is wrong even if everybody is doing it.

    We need someone anyone whether they are an R or a D to do the right thing.

  • Bored to the point of THIS! Ogden, UT
    Jan. 30, 2012 10:41 a.m.

    I agree that Chaffetz should be working for Utah. What a joke he is. He's not really campaigning for Romney... he's campaigning against Newt. Glad to see he made Utah his priority. I guess he knows he has Utah's vote no matter what he does! Nice that we, as state voters, hold him accountable for his actions.

    I'm saddened by Romney's tactics. I don't agree with the win at all cost ideals of most. I appreciated Huntsman's efforts to maintain his integrity. I'm saddened by his departure, but not surprised.

    It's sad that we elect only the most extreme from each party. That's why our Gov't struggles to get anything done. Republicans send people for the far right, Democrat's from the far left. All they care about is what's best for them and the extremes of their party beliefs. I wish a centrist could be elected who'd see the good from both parties and implement laws and policies that help those in the middle who value common sense!

  • no fit in SG St.George, Utah
    Jan. 30, 2012 10:37 a.m.

    Just a little lie here and a little lie there, and of course Mr. Romney will return to his "honest" ways?
    Mitt is having great success with this sort of negative behavior, which he professes, is "alien" to his way of life. Why would he return to his stodgy ways now?
    As for Jason Chaffetz...Perhaps he is tired of hanging out at the airport by the TSA x-ray machines. My guess is that he is awaiting an "impressive" appointment from Mitt, should Romney be elected.

  • Anti Bush-Obama Washington, DC
    Jan. 30, 2012 10:22 a.m.

    I will never vote for Obamney. He represents the globalist element that will destroy the country.

  • JBQ Saint Louis, MO
    Jan. 30, 2012 10:01 a.m.

    I believe that Mr. Romney had to prove to the electorate that he "could take off the gloves" and fight. I believe that he did so.

  • patriot Cedar Hills, UT
    Jan. 30, 2012 9:57 a.m.

    Mitt is like a bowl of brown rice... bland but healthy. Gingich is more like some exotic dish - lots of flash and color but not as healthy for you in the end. Obama is ... well ...junk food.

  • Honor Code Denver, Colorado
    Jan. 30, 2012 9:47 a.m.

    Romney needs to hold his cards close to his chest and stand firm on his feet when challenged!

  • BobP Port Alice, B.C.
    Jan. 30, 2012 9:07 a.m.

    To all those upset by the"Viper Pit", I would simply note that politics is a blood sport.

    To those who like Obama and his big government, the biggest lie of all is: We are here from the government to help you.

  • Esquire Springville, UT
    Jan. 30, 2012 8:32 a.m.

    Romney supporters complain about unfair and untrue attacks on their guy, but what about Romney doing the same, on both his primary opponents and President Obama. I don't want to hear your Romney supports whine any more.

  • JWB Kaysville, UT
    Jan. 30, 2012 8:18 a.m.

    Jason Chaffetz, even though I don't agree with everything he has done for Utah, is a good and honorable man, who is using non-mainstream approaches for doing his job. Congress has times when people are to be in their office and he is there as he always wants to vote on all issues. He knows this is going to be a hard campaign and President Obama has already used his influence and the DNC money to campaign against Governor Romney and the Republicans. The Republicans know that the campaigns for President and Congress are vital for our country at this time and season. It is not just assisting the Republican Party, Congressman Chaffetz is preparing for his run, every two years, for Congress this fall. He is very astute in support the Republican Party including the Tea-Party people that want a good government.

  • Rifleman Salt Lake City, Utah
    Jan. 30, 2012 8:17 a.m.

    What Romney is doing to Gingrich in Florida today he is going to do to Obama after he gets the GOP nomination. Obama is in negative poll numbers and it is only get worse for him as the Occupy Wall Street protesters keep his mentality in front of hard working American voters.

  • JWB Kaysville, UT
    Jan. 30, 2012 8:11 a.m.

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander. In any campaign there are all kinds of options, legally, for candidates to use. The debates were pretty good until Newt got back in them and used his snake strike approach. As with combating any a viper, you learn how to adapt and get around their tactics. Newt found his tactics as he used as speaker finally came back to get him. Tom Delay was similar but found also that you can't use those kind of tactics, even in Texas. Mitt has been straight forward and for the fact he has been running in elections since the 1990s against powerful men, he has passed through very heavy waves and turmoil to still be standing. He has staying power and even though it is a rough and tough road, he is ready and hard to believe, willing in this tough environment. The main thing, he has people who will support him in the job as President, people who will rely on goodness in this beautiful world.

  • williary Kearns, UT
    Jan. 30, 2012 8:06 a.m.

    @no fit in SG

    Mitt changes his positions every couple of weeks. Just depends on where he's campaining. If he's in Mass., he's a moderate Independent!

    Newt had a terrific line the other day when asked about his slow responses in the last two debates. Basically said that it's difficult to respond to someone who just stands there and blatanly lies about things. In a debate format, you don't get enough time to call someone out on stuff like that.

    I guess that's the new strategy Mitt has taken to get back in the lead. In a timed format, just flat out lie about anything that makes you look bad. The moderator won't give your opponent the time to really respond.

    Remember how bad Obama made McCain look in debates? Can you imagine how it's going to get with Mitt standing there lying about everything he's done, yet there will be plenty of response time for Obama to destroy him on it. Can't wait.

  • williary Kearns, UT
    Jan. 30, 2012 7:59 a.m.

    So much for all this Tea Party talk over the last couple years. Just like in 2008, the big talking, cowardly "movement" called the Tea Party has given way to the establishment. After all the momentum they helped Newt generate in SC, the establishment got together and squashed the Tea Party.

    Shows just how much say they actually have. Next to none.

    This Tea Party is over. At least until Obama wins another term. Then they'll be up in arms again!

  • Give Me A Break Pullman, WA
    Jan. 30, 2012 7:59 a.m.

    It is not about being a Democrat or a Republican or an independent or whatever. It is politics. That is why I am not a politician and never will be. I am not a fan of any of these party's. Sadly this is what it takes to get elected, and someone has to be elected. Then we hope the person we elected is who we think he or she is. Those of us who know Mitt and who worked with him at the Olympics know what kind of a President he will make. That us why I am for him. He is a guy who rescues mismanaged businesses, and that is exactly what the US has become.

  • Mayfair City, Ut
    Jan. 30, 2012 7:43 a.m.

    I know a lot of REAL Republicans just love that Mitt has taken this tack-the nastier the better.

    Thats how I know I am an Independent, not a Republican.

    It saddens and annoys me that it isn't enough to have good ideas and plans to fix what is wrong with the country--If you're going to compete in politics, it has to come down to this.

  • Wyclif OREM, UT
    Jan. 30, 2012 7:27 a.m.

    I wish Santorum could make another rise in popularity. He has much stronger values than Gingrich and he is a much better alternative to Mitt Romney than Newt Gingrich, and a much better candidate for President than Gingrich. But I like Romney the best of all. Maybe Romney will name Santorum his VP.

  • Furry1993 Clearfield, UT
    Jan. 30, 2012 7:21 a.m.

    Romney and Gingrich are both vipers, and not to be trusted. Why is it any surprise that they are actinglike what they are?

  • lihai Ningbo, ZheJiang
    Jan. 30, 2012 7:00 a.m.

    In SC it felt that Romney was playing "not to lose" rather than playing to win. I hope he continues to become less scripted and controlled, allowing the media greater access to him would be a great start.

  • RanchHand Huntsville, UT
    Jan. 30, 2012 6:49 a.m.

    What is Jason Chaffetz doing in Florida? We're not paying him to stump for Romney, we're paying him to sit in the halls of Congress.

  • MrsB1971 Kissimmee, FL
    Jan. 30, 2012 6:26 a.m.

    Joins? Romney started the attacks.

  • don17 Temecula, CA
    Jan. 29, 2012 10:30 p.m.

    Everyone of these candidates has a right to defend themselves and attack as well. Gingrich cried and cried about the attacks until all of a sudden one guy in Vegas dumped 5 million into his PAC:then it was ok for his PAC to attack! Gingrich cries and complains while doing his own smear campaign based on missing facts! Mitt Romneys team has no choice but to stay on the offensive. Just today on Sunday FOX news Gingrich was on for at least 4 hours of air time. 4 Hours! Again, not one time did FOX disclose the tight relationship it has with Gingrich as a ex-employee or his personal friendship with most of the staff including Anchors and Show Opinion Anchors! What a farce to say your fair and balanced. This network is the go Gingrich network. FOX gripes about the "Main Stream Media" taking sides and being in for the Left but then turns around and takes sides! Hippocrits up and down at FOX. Fair News reporting: fair and Balanced? Where? Its the Gingrich lies network. They continually gloss over gingrich's Anti Republican, Anti Business attacks! Hannity and Susteran have him on a few times a week. There is no fair and balanced straight up news station anywhere! Mitt Romney has been extremely successful yes, but is that not better than a President with little if any executive experience in any area? Gingrich claims Romney carpet bombs but that is just deflecting the fact that Gingrich is the one who THROWS BOMBS! Nearly every major Republican who served with Gingrich in the nineties has attested to that fact by endorsing Romney or even speaking out against Gingrich. Just ask Bob Dole!
    Were all tired of the slime, but if the Democrats were fielding 7,8, or 9 candidates like last election cycle nothing would be different. Just look at their history too! All who claim it does not happen are not genuine in their remarks and that includes every single network!

  • JWB Kaysville, UT
    Jan. 29, 2012 7:41 p.m.

    The main thing the President and DNC are doing is using the data, questions and demographics against, Romney. The President doesn't have to do that for Gingich as Gingrich is his own worst enemy. He has no empathy or sympathy for anyone. When he sat out for those months doing his vacation, buying jewelry for his wife and not signing up for the Virginia primary, etc, he must know he won't be able to get very far down the pike. I guess that is why he wants to go to the Moon and set up his own colony and sell blonde wigs to the people that live there now. He is very interesting to do that kind of pandering at the NASA site and trying to woo those federal employees and contractors to his side so they can keep their salary and contracts.

  • xscribe Colorado Springs, CO
    Jan. 29, 2012 7:03 p.m.

    Does Mitt not believe in wearing a seatbelt while riding in a moving vehicle?

  • Brother Chuck Schroeder A Tropical Paradise USA, FL
    Jan. 29, 2012 6:44 p.m.

    Romney 2012

    I am glad that Romney joins rival Gingrich in the viper pit, and it's working.

    Liberals are the ones trying to block VOTES this Tuesday here.

    I think we all know by now what's happening on Tuesday -- Republicans are heading to the polls in Florida.

    And if you're sick and tired of all the negative ads and false attacks on the President's record, here's your chance to do something about it:

    As Republicans vote in their primary, President Obama's supporters are organizing events -- from phone banks to voter registration drives -- across the state to make sure we're ready to take on whoever the other side picks.

    There's an event happening in Saint Petersburg -- can you make it?

    Here are the details:

    What: Day of action event in Saint Petersburg

    Where: 951 Central Ave Saint Petersburg, FL 33705

    When: Tuesday, January 31st
    4:00 pm

    Whether you're new to organizing or a veteran volunteer, this will be a great chance to build up our ground game in Florida -- as always, a critical state in this election. You'll meet other supporters from your town, pick up some new organizing skills, and to get ready for the fight ahead.

  • atl134 Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 29, 2012 6:28 p.m.

    All this superpac money being spent to attack each other. Is there going to be anything left to challenge Obama when they're done bludgeoning each other? After all both had favorability ratings below 35% in a recent poll.

  • spring street SALT LAKE CITY, UT
    Jan. 29, 2012 5:52 p.m.

    Mitt i simply showing his true colors, he will say and do anything for his own self glorification.

  • opinion 47 SOUTH JORDAN, UT
    Jan. 29, 2012 5:31 p.m.

    Apparently the Grinch under-estimated Romney. Egg on all the faces in South Carolina, you will break your streak of picking the next US President... Go Mitt!

  • no fit in SG St.George, Utah
    Jan. 29, 2012 5:22 p.m.

    Mr. Romney, for years, has run on the premise that he was above such garbage tactics.
    How does he explain this change in his upstanding moral character?
    Might he change on other issues, as well?

  • USA Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 29, 2012 5:19 p.m.

    How we miss Jon Huntsman!

  • lost in DC West Jordan, UT
    Jan. 29, 2012 5:17 p.m.

    If they cannot take it from each other, they will be in completely over their heads in the general election when the BO administration, DNC, NYT, NBC, HBO, and most major newspapers (the dems' lapdog media) launch into them. MSNBC already has.

    No, it's best to get all the accusations out now so they can be answered so there's no October surprise.

  • JWB Kaysville, UT
    Jan. 29, 2012 4:57 p.m.

    President Obama has already started his campaign ads against Romney prior to Florida. He is also beefing up the government ads in all departments to influence people that the government is there to take care of them, one way or another. The President's stress is showing up with the finger pointing at him for berating the Governor of Arizona over her book. If we don't watch it, anyone who writes about him will be put on a terrorist list. That is the way it is in many countries and due to 9/11 an agency can almost use that weapon against citizens, congressmen for thwarting his goals. What I am still amazed out is when his wife mentioned when he became President that she finally felt good about the USA. What a shame with all the help they got from the system when they went to high rated and expensive schools/universities. They couldn't be too down trodden if they got to their status in life without too much of a problem. People in other countries see what they have been able to do and want that same experience for themselves and their families, just not to be President

  • Bifftacular Spanish Fork, Ut
    Jan. 29, 2012 4:53 p.m.

    Don't kid yourself. No one goes after Santorum because he isn't much of a threat. If he were tied with Romney or Ginrich in the polls, he'd be right in the thick of things. He's no boy scout either. I don't like the negative stuff either but once one side starts to do it, the other side is virtually compelled to get into the thick of it or wilt. This is American politics now and we'll just have to live with it and no, it isn't solely a Republican thing (remember the nasty attacks back and forth between Obama and Hillary?). In the end, they'll all kiss and make up - at least in public.

  • deep in thought Salt Lake, UT
    Jan. 29, 2012 4:13 p.m.

    The political races these days are complicated. People don't value strong ethics, moral values, and a gentle hand. I watched the South Carolina polls all week before voting. Romney was way ahead until Gingrich slammed the moderator with a fury that would make a linebacker shrink when he asked about his ex-wife.

    I'm sure his ex-wife thought she was going to ruin Gingrich politically by saying all of those horrible (but surely true) things. Nobody even cared. They wanted a bloody fist fight and they got it from Gingrich that night at the debate. He was an instant celebrity and his poll numbers nearly doubled in the matter of a few days.

    It reminds me of that old movie Gladiator with Russell Crowe. Everybody is sitting around waiting for a big bloody battle. Gingrich gives it to them and despite all of this baggage, everyone cheers and props him on their shoulders. Shocking to some people, like myself.

    I am sorry it has gone this way, but I assume Romney will go back to being the same stable genteel person he has been in the past. Gingrich on the other hand would continue on shocking people around the world with his continuing penchant for the "wild and woolly" as he likes to call it.

    We live in an American Idol society and people find themselves competing in American Idol ways.

  • Doug10 Roosevelt, UT
    Jan. 29, 2012 3:51 p.m.

    4 weeks ago Newt and Mitt promised neither would degrade themselves with mud slinging in their campaigns.

    They seem to be on the same level as far as keeping promises.

  • Mike in Texas Cedar City, Utah
    Jan. 29, 2012 3:41 p.m.

    Birds of a Feather flocketh together. The end does justify the means.

  • Theeng2 Holladay, UT
    Jan. 29, 2012 3:37 p.m.

    I don't know why voters respond well to attack ads and bickering. I actually thought Santorum came across looking the best in Florida because of the fighting between Romney and Gingrich.

  • t702 Las Vegas, NV
    Jan. 29, 2012 2:58 p.m.

    A week ago today, Mitt was down, now he's back. No weak person succeed in business. Go Mitt!!