Deseret Book Top 10 for Jan. 2-7

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  • Eagles63 Provo, UT
    Jan. 11, 2012 8:05 a.m.

    Deseret Book has become its own worst enemy (it has long been the enemy of others). When you manage to take an oligopoly to a monopoly because you have the biggest checkbook, eventually you disenfranchise much of the market. Of course, it has achieved something in the market, near absolute control, but such control will inevitably lead to loss of control as products find a way. Of course, they'll have killed a lot of producers in the meantime, but I suppose that is acceptable (at least to them). Eventually, new products will find new ways into the new markets, but they will be outside of DB. We've started to see that with the advent of the Walmart effort and other means. The book industry, the movie industry will, for the most part, be leaving the traditional brick and mortar where DB does not have a monopoly. What could have been a sound relationship with the development side of LDS products outside of DB's trifecta stranglehold (Excel, Covenant/Eagle Gate, Stone Mountain) has long turned adversarial. I know that DB will not go away, but the time to evolve is here. DB needs to see the light and realize what they can and should be good at accomplishing. Go read the 13th Article of Faith Sheri Dew & Co and realize that it doesn't say we seek after the things that we and only we control in an effort to maximize our profits so that we can show that we're viable.